Final Fantasy X Side Content

Once you have access to the airship and can tell Cid where to fly it, there is plenty of side content that opens up for the game. These can be done in any order, and you will not be locked out of going back to the airship to do more later.

All Save Spheres (besides the ones inside the airship) will now have the option to take you to the airship when used, and Final Fantasy X doesn’t have a ‘point of no return’ until you go to the last room of the final dungeon to finish the game.

Hidden Airship Locations

There are extra locations you can unlock by using the Input and Search options in the first menu while talking to Cid. Input will require you to enter a password, while Search will let you move a cursor through a map of Spira, and you can select playstation x button anywhere on the map to try to find a new location.

final fantasy x airship

Here is a list of various passwords and coordinates you can use to unlock new places:


Location Unlocked
Mushroom Rock
Besaid Ruins 1
Besaid Ruins 2


x41, y57
Battle Site
x31, y75
Besaid Falls
x35, y57
Mi’ihen Ruins
x15, y42
Sanubia Sands
x14, y57
x72, y35

Most of these locations will just have a chest with a weapon or a piece of armor for one of your characters. However, three of these locations are special: Mushroom Rock, Baaj Temple, and Omega Ruins.

Al Bhed Primers and Jecht Spheres

Once you have access to the airship, you can quickly travel and pick up any Al Bhed Primers and Jecht Spheres you have missed throughout the game. For their specific locations you can check out the guides on Al Bhed Primers and Auron’s Overdrives (that’s because the Jecht Spheres will teach you new Bushidos).

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while searching for these:

  • The Al Bhed Primer Vol. II and Jecht Sphere 3 will be guarded by a superboss (if you did not get them before gaining access to the airship).
  • If you did not pick up the Al Bhed Primers Vol. XIX-XXII (the ones you could find in the Al Bhed Home and Bevelle), they will be impossible to get now, since you cannot go back to these locations.

Once you’ve gotten all of the Al Bhed Primers, you can go to the airship and talk to Rin to receive 99 Underdog’s Secrets. Furthermore, getting every Jecht Sphere will teach Auron all of his Overdrives.


The option to play Blitzball will be available to you at any time after reaching the Mi’ihen Highroad. While you can get some items from winning leagues and tournaments, the main reason to play the Blitzball minigame is if you wish to use Wakka as a main party member — getting both his Overdrives and his Celestial Weapon will require quite a few Blitzball games.

final fantasy x blitzball

For tips on how to recruit the best players for your team, and for strategies that will make winning games easy, you can check out our dedicated Blitzball guide. Then, for help with unlocking everything you would need for Wakka, you can check out our guides for his Celestial Weapon and his Slots Overdrives.

Monster Arena

You can start the Monster Arena side quest as soon as you reach the Calm Lands in the story. To initiate it, speak to the owner. He will ask you to capture fiends throughout Spira using weapons with the ‘Capture’ passive (which you can only get from him).

There are monsters to capture in every major area of the game, and there are many perks and benefits you can get from completing this quest. So, it is recommended that you buy a Capture weapon for all of your physical attackers and capture fiends as you go through the story and complete other side content.

For a full list of all of the fiends you’ll need to capture (and all of the rewards you can get), you can check out our dedicated Monster Arena guide.

Optional Aeons

There are three optional Aeons you can get in the game: Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters.

Yojimbo can be acquired just before reaching Mt. Gagazet, or any time after. However, keep in mind that you will need a minimum of around 200,000 gil to do so. You won’t be able to unlock the other two until you have access to the airship, though you can begin working on both while you’re going through the story.

final fantasy x anima

All three Aeons have different requirements for recruiting them, once you gain access to their locations. You can check out the dedicated guide for Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters for all of the specifics on how to obtain them.

Remiem Temple

You can gain access to the Remiem Temple once you unlock the ability to ride a chocobo in the Calm Lands. Here, you can challenge a chocobo to a special race for various prizes. You can also find Belgemine in this area for an extra Aeon challenge.

You can challenge Belgemine the same way you were able to throughout the story, except now you can choose which Aeon of hers to battle (you will be able to pick from any Aeon you’ve unlocked so far). Otherwise, the battles work the same way as with the challenges that came before (where you can only fight with your own Aeons).

For full details on what you can earn at the temple, as well as tips on how to win the chocobo race, you can check out our dedicated Remiem Temple guide.

Omega Ruins

The Omega Ruins is an optional dungeon you can visit once you have access to the airship, but you will have to unlock the location first (see the ‘Hidden Airship Locations’ above). There are a few treasures you can find in this dungeon, as well as two of the game’s superbosses. It’s also a great spot for leveling your characters.

final fantasy x omega ruins

If you want more details on how to navigate the ruins and what you can find within, you can check out our dedicated Omega Ruins guide. We also have detailed guides on how to defeat Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon, the two bosses in this dungeon.

Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapons are the ultimate weapons in the game. In order to find them, you must first get the Celestial Mirror. Once you obtain one of these weapons, you can unlock its full potential if you also find the corresponding Crest and Sigil.

Finding every weapon and fully upgrading them will involve traveling all across Spira and playing a lot of the minigames, including Blitzball, Chocobo Training, Lightning Dodging, Butterfly Catching, and the Cactuar minigame.

For more details on the Celestial Weapons you can check out our complete Celestial Weapons guide. On that page you will find guides for each individual weapon, which explain where you need to go and what you need to do to fully unlock each one.


The superbosses are the hardest bosses in the game. There are a total of 12 that you can fight, in almost any order. But, the most powerful ones will take a lot of prep work.

For more information on all of the superbosses and how to prepare for them, you can check out our dedicated Superbosses guide that will break everything down for you. On that page you will also find guides for each individual boss, going over specific strategies you can use to defeat them.


You will unlock the majority of the game’s achievements by completing the story and all of the game’s side content. If you want to unlock every achievement and obtain the Platinum, you can check out our Achievements guide.

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