Final Fantasy X Mushroom Rock Walkthrough

Talk to the group of soldiers nearby to get an Ether and a Hi-Potion. Once you get far enough down the road, Clasko will force you to take the path on the left to continue, and around the corner you will find O’aka if you wish to restock on any items. Otherwise, continue to the next area.

Mushroom Rock – Valley

Speak to the nearby soldier to receive a Hi-Potion, and go to the panel and press playstation x button to go up the platform and continue. There is only a single path to take here, so just follow it, and along the way you will see a chest with a guard next to it. Open the chest for 1000 gil, and speak to the guard to get 10 Potions.

Continue down the path, and you will find two more chests with a Remedy and a Hi-Potion. At the end of the path you will see another platform. Press playstation x button on it to go to the next area.

Mushroom Rock – Precipice

Talk to the guard in front of you to get an X-Potion. As you’re going through the path, take the left split, and at the end of the path you will see a platform to go down. Here you will find a Serene Armlet for Kimahri. Once you’re back on the main path, there is another split left you can take to find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. X. Now go back to the main path and go up the platform.

final fantasy x al bhed primer x

Talk to the guard in front of the lift to receive a Mega-Potion, then follow Gatta south to initiate a cutscene, then speak to Luzzu. Afterwards go to the lift and press playstation x button to proceed to the next area.

Operation Mi’ihen

Simply follow the path until you get to the base and see Gatta. When you see him walking from the entrance, if you talk to him twice and convince him to fight in the front lines, you will influence his decision for the upcoming operation. This will not have an impact on the overall story, so whether you decide to speak to him or not, you can save and restock supplies with O’aka before heading into the base.

final fantasy x gatta
Your choice determines Gatta’s fate

Around where Yuna and Lulu are standing in the base, you will find two chests containing a Mega-Potion and a Serene Bracer for Auron. Once you’re ready, speak to the guard to begin the mission, and you will be put into a boss battle.

Sinspawn Gui

There are four targets for this fight: the body, the head, and two arms. The body is the target that needs to be defeated to finish the fight. The arms will block attacks directed at the body, so these need to be defeated first, but keep in mind that they periodically regenerate. The head mostly attacks with Thunder, but when you see the text “The head is moving suspiciously,” it is charging a powerful Venom attack. The head is considered a ranged enemy, so hit it with Lulu, Wakka, or Kimahri when you see this, and you will interrupt the casting.

If you have an Aeon‘s Overdrive ready, you can use one to quickly eliminate both arms and the head. Haste, Cheer and Focus will also help you deal more damage to the boss. The body will attack with either Punch or Demi. As long as you keep everyone’s HP up and deal with the arms as needed, this is a fairly straightforward fight.

final fantasy x sinspawn gui

After you defeat it, you will see a few cutscenes and get into another battle with the Sinspawn Gui. The fight is almost the exact same, only the boss has much less HP, and your party will consist of Yuna, Auron, and Seymour. Seymour has access to powerful Black Magic for this point of the game, so take advantage of that and you can take the boss down again very quickly.


You can now see the aftermath of the operation on the beach. To continue the story, you must find Gatta towards the back near the cliffs. If you convinced him to fight in the front lines during the operation, he will be dead. If you didn’t, he will be alive and freak out when you speak to him.

During the following cutscene, you will see some spirits walking around inside Sin. If Gatta lived during the operation, Luzzu will have died instead, and you will see his spirit walking through here as confirmation. Otherwise he will be alive, and you won’t see him here.

When you regain control, head to the left to find a chest with a Hi-Potion, then go up the northern path to continue to the next area. Towards the end of this path, you will find O’aka if you wish to buy items or equipment. It will be a good idea to stock up on Softs before going to the next area, as some of the upcoming enemies will be able to Petrify party members.

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