final fantasy x blue item


Game: Final Fantasy X/X-2

Restores 1000 HP to one character.

Type of item: Restorative
Shop cost: 500 gil
Other uses: Can be used as an ingredient for Mix Overdrives

How to Obtain:

Can be bought in most shops after reaching Macalania Woods, and found in various chests.

Dropped by: Mech Guard, Mech Gunner, Mech Leader, Mech Scouter, Negator, Worker, YKT-11, YKT-63
Stolen from: Bat Eye, Black Element, Buer, Bunyip, Dual Horn, Epaaj, Evil Eye, Garm, Grendel, Guado Guardian, Kusariqqu, Machea, Mafdet, Murussu, Mushussu, Negator, Nidhogg, Swamp Mafdet, Tonberry, Valaha, Warrior Monk, Wasp, Wendigo, Xiphos
Bribed From: Dual Horn (37,500 gil for 60)

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