Final Fantasy X: Auron Overdrive – Bushido

Auron‘s Overdrive in Final Fantasy X is Bushido. Bushido attacks will do damage to either a single target or all targets, with some having an additional effect. You will be able to learn them as you progress through the game, but it will require some exploring to collect Jecht Spheres.

When executing a Bushido, you see will a timer and a sequence of button inputs.

  • Successfully inputting the sequence within the time limit will increase the power of the Bushido and can add a status effect.
  • The Overdrive will also deal more damage the quicker you input the sequence.

Each Bushido skill has its own unique button sequence.

Learned From
Dragon Fang
Damages all enemies. On successful button input, Delays the enemies’ turn.
Default Bushido
Shooting Star
Deals damage to one enemy. On successful button input, Ejects the enemy if possible.
Find one Jecht Sphere (defeat Spherimorph)
Banishing Blade
Deals damage to one enemy. On successful button input, inflicts Full Break (100% chance).
Find three Jecht Spheres
Deals two attacks to all enemies. On successful button input, the attack is more powerful.
Find ten Jecht Spheres

Jecht Spheres will appear after you defeat the Spherimorph boss in Macalania, which gives you your first one. The Spheres will be spread throughout Spira, and they look similar to the Al Bhed Primers.

Jecht Sphere
Jecht Sphere 1
Macalania Woods (defeat Spherimorph).
Jecht Sphere 2
Macalania Woods, South area.
Jecht Sphere 3
Besaid Village, to the right of the temple.
Jecht Sphere 4
On the S.S. Liki, in the captain’s room on the route between Kilika and Besaid.
Jecht Sphere 5
Luca, in the hallway outside of the Auroch’s locker room.
Jecht Sphere 6
Mi’ihen Highroad, in Oldroad.
Jecht Sphere 7
Moonflow, South Wharf.
Jecht Sphere 8
Thunder Plains, in the center of the South area (near the right tower).
Jecht Sphere 9 (Auron’s Sphere)
Mushroom Rock Road, on the edge near the main lift.
Jecht Sphere 10 (Braska’s Sphere)
Mt. Gagazet, on the side road on the Mountain Trail.

Finding all the Jecht Spheres and learning all of Auron‘s Overdrives will give you the achievement ‘Messenger from the Past.’

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