Final Fantasy X Thunder Plains Walkthrough

Thunder Plains – South

In this area, it is possible to get struck by lightning while running around — you can dodge the lightning if you press playstation x button when you see the screen flash.

Next to the Save Sphere, there is a chest containing 2 Phoenix Downs, and a little further north will be another one that has 2 Hi-Potions. Further down the path, on the west side, you will find a chest with 5000 gil. You can also find Maechen and Shelinda on this path if you wish to talk to them. A little bit past Shelinda, there will be a small path on the east side with a chest containing a Water Ball for Wakka, which will be a useful weapon in this area.

Continue north up the road, and you will be taken to the Travel Agency.

Travel Agency

You will see a book on the counter that looks like an Al Bhed Primer. However, this is actually a story book that will give you information on the Qactuar Stones scattered throughout the Thunder Plains; reading it is optional. Talk to Rikku to have Rin enter the room. Then if you speak to him, and select “Okay” when given a dialogue choice, you will be given the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV. Afterwards, head through the hallway where Yuna went to trigger a cutscene.

Once you regain control, talk to Rikku to continue the story and leave the Agency. You can find a Yellow Shield for Tidus on the floor, then you can head north.

final fantasy x yellow shield

Thunder Plains – North

In this area, you can run into the powerful Iron Giant during random battles. Auron‘s Power Break and Armor Break will help make fights against these fiends much easier.

final fantasy x iron giant

As soon as you enter, head to the other side of the fork to find a chest containing an X-Potion (the exit here will just take you straight to the south side of the Thunder Plains, which you don’t want to do yet). Continue going north up the path, and after the cutscene that happens halfway through, head to the left of the structure you’re in to find a chest with an Ether. On the right side of the path you will find another chest containing 2000 gil. Then just continue north until you reach the next area.

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