Final Fantasy X Kilika Walkthrough

S.S. Liki

Once you’re on the ship, talk to Wakka, then make your way downstairs. Here you will meet O’aka, a traveling salesman you will run into several more times throughout the game. If you talk to him, he will request that you donate gil to him, which will affect your prices from him later in the game:

  • Donating 0-100 gil will increase item cost by 100.00%
  • Donating 101-1000 gil will increase item cost by 50.00%
  • Donating 1001-10,000 gil will increase item cost by 20.00%
  • Donating 10,000+ gil will decrease item cost by 30.00%

There will be a few chances to donate to O’aka throughout the game, and unless you’ve given him 10,000 gil, donating actually increases prices, so don’t donate anything yet. Instead, just buy any items you need, and then continue to the room across from him to find a Remedy. Next, head into the Power Room next to O’aka, and run to the lower right side of the room to find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. III.

ffx walkthrough part 4 b

Once you’ve collected everything, head back to the deck and walk towards Yuna until you hear the crowd talking. Go talk to Wakka, then back to Yuna once the crowd disperses. Once the cutscene is over, you will be forced into a boss battle.


The battle will be against Sin and 3 Sinspawn. If you kill all 3 of the Sinspawns, 3 more will just replace them, so it’s better to just kill 2 and leave the remaining one alive. Sin itself is out of range for the entire fight, so you will have to use Black Magic, Wakka‘s attacks, or Lancet in order to deal damage to it. This makes Lulu, Wakka, and Kimahri good party members to use for this fight. After you deal enough damage to Sin, the fight will end and you will immediately be put into another one.

ffx walkthrough part 4 c

Sinspawn Echuilles

You can ignore the Sinscales during this fight. When they attack, they go out of the battle temporarily, and even if you kill them, they will come back soon after. Cheer will help raise your Defense, and Wakka‘s Dark Attack will protect you from the boss’ Drain Touch. Otherwise just keep attacking the boss, and heal if needed.

ffx walkthrough part 4 d

After defeating the boss, a cutscene will trigger, and you will arrive in Kilika.


Once you’re in the village, walk down the path, head left to trigger a cutscene, and you will be at the inn. Go back outside, then go to the hut in the top left of the screen to find a chest with 3 Potions. On the left side of the map you will also see a little girl in a hut. Talk to her to save her, then head over to the right and enter the hut on the top side of the screen.

Talk to the bartender. If you saved the little girl, you will receive an Ether in a nearby chest. You will also find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV on the counter. Once you have both you can leave the hut. Head right to talk to Wakka, then go through the left path to go to the next area.

Kilika Woods

There will be three possible paths you can take in the first split. If you look down the middle path, you’ll notice a huge monster down the road. This is Lord Ochu, an optional fight that’s much harder than the random battles in this area. Whether you decide to fight it or not, you should go through the other paths first to get some treasure.

Your first battle in this area will be a tutorial on using Kimahri‘s Lancet ability. Kimahri is a very flexible character, as he doesn’t have his own Sphere Grid section. Instead, he is able to go down another character’s path to fill in their role, so you can build him however you want. Take the east path on the first split, and at the end of it you’ll find a chest with 2 Mana Spheres. Then go down the west path: there will be a small path in the middle of it that you can go through to find a Scout weapon for Wakka.

Continue up the path and you will come to a crossroads and see three guards. Talk to the captain that doesn’t leave, and he will give you a Remedy. If you wish to avoid the Lord Ochu, go to the north path and go north on the next split to find a Luck Sphere. Go back to the split and head east, then take the path north to continue.

If you wish to take on the Lord Ochu, simply run into it and begin the fight. Before getting into the fight, make sure your party is healed and any Overdrives you have are charged.

Lord Ochu

Lulu will do great damage here, as Lord Ochu is weak to Fire. It is capable of inflicting Poison with its Poison Claw, so have Esuna or Antidotes ready for when it hits anyone. If anyone has an Overdrive ready, use it for extra damage. Alternatively, you can summon Valefor with Yuna to do more damage.

Once you’ve hurt the Lord Ochu enough, it will fall asleep and give itself Regen. Hit it with a physical attack to wake it up and get rid of the Regen, but be ready for its Earthquake counter, which will hit the entire party. You can avoid the damage from Earthquake completely if Valefor is out. After it’s awake, just keep attacking it as before until it goes down. It will drop either an MP Sphere or HP Sphere.

ffx walkthrough part 4 e

After the fight, go south and talk to Luzzu to get an Elixir.

Once you’ve made your way out of the woods, walk up the stairs to make your way to the top, make sure to heal on the Save Sphere. When you reach the top, you will be put into a boss fight.

Sinspawn Geneaux

Sinspawn Geneaux begins the battle immune to physical attacks. Any magical attacks towards it will be absorbed by the tentacles behind your party, so focus on these first. The tentacles (and the boss) absorb Water damage, but are weak to Fire, so Lulu can do a lot of damage here with her magic — casting Haste on her will allow her to do even more damage. Once the tentacles are destroyed, cast magic on the boss itself until the boss’ shell opens up.

It will now be able to take damage from physical attacks. Wakka‘s Silence Attack will prevent it from using Water on your party. Otherwise, just keep attacking it, keep your HP up, and eventually the boss will go down. You can use Overdrives and summon Valefor if you want some extra damage.

ffx walkthrough part 4 f

After the battle is over, continue up the stairs, and head into the temple. Once inside, go to Wakka and you will once again be given a choice between praying with him or watching (your choice doesn’t matter). Once you’ve chosen one, a cutscene will begin and the party will leave you. Try to enter the Cloister of Trials, and, you will start the puzzle.

Kilika Cloister of Trials

  1. Grab the Kilika Sphere from the pedestal and insert it next to the door to open it. Grab the sphere again and walk through.
  2. In the next room, place the Kilika Sphere on the slot in the back of the room to reveal a glyph, then remove it and place it in the slot on either side. Go back to the glyph and touch it to open the next door.
  3. In this room, grab the Kilika Sphere that’s in the eastern wall, and place it in any empty slot in the previous room. Also, step on the shining panel to bring the pedestal to this room.
  4. Grab the Glyph Sphere on the pedestal and take it to where you got the second Kilika Sphere. This will clear out the fire in the room and reveal the Destruction Sphere (leave it for now).
  5. Place a Kilika Sphere on the pedestal. Then, move it to the shining panel to lower it and reveal another Kilika Sphere.
  6. Grab the new sphere. You can place it on the door in the back of the room to open the door, but do not go through it yet.
  7. Grab the Destruction Sphere and place it where you found the last Kilika Sphere. This will reveal the Destruction Sphere chest with a Red Armlet.
  8. Return to the door in the back, remove the Kilika Sphere, and walk into the room to complete the Cloister.
ffx walkthrough part 4 g

Once you’re in the next room, talk to Wakka and Lulu to trigger a cutscene. You will obtain Ifrit and be able to name him. Then you will find yourself back outside of the temple. After a cutscene, make your way all the way back to the docks in Kilika Village, and you can move on to the next area.

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