Final Fantasy X Ruins Walkthrough

You will now have access to the game’s menu — open it by pressing playstation triangle button. Here you can change your party’s equipment, change their formation, and more.

When you regain control of Tidus, swim northwest until you find a flight of stairs, where you will find an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. If you have a previous save file, you can load any Al Bhed Primers you found in your old file to this one. A little bit south of this sphere will be a treasure with 2 Potions, and on the east side of the map you can find a chest with 200 gil. Continue swimming north to go to the next area.

In this area, follow the path north, but take the left path first to pick up a Hi-Potion. Eventually Tidus will be knocked in the water, and you’ll get put into a battle with 3 Sahagins. After killing two, you will begin a battle with Geosgaeno.

Geosgaeno cannot kill you, as his only attacks deals 50% of Tidus‘s current HP. Attack him a few times, and the fight will end, taking you into a cutscene.

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Inside the Ruins

Once you regain control, head north to go into the main room of this area. In this room, you will see a Save Point, two doors, and a fireplace, and you will need to light the fireplace. On the east side, near the large locked door, you can find a chest with a X-Potion. Go through the door next to the Save Sphere, and you will find Flint on the desk. Head back to the main room, then head northeast to a room with stairs. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find an Ether, then head up the stairs to find the Withered Bouquet on a wall. If you continue going through the path, you will find a chest containing a Hi-Potion at the end of it. Head back to the main area to light the fireplace and trigger a cutscene and battle.

The battle will be against a Klikk. Its regular attacks do a decent amount of damage, and you can die here. Just keep attacking, and use Potions as needed, and once you do enough damage, a short cutscene will trigger, and a mysterious girl will join your party.

ffx walkthrough part 2 c

You will be given a tutorial on how to use Grenades with your new party member. Items like Grenades can only be used with the Use command, which only the girl will be able to access under the Special tab of the battle menu. She also has access to the Steal command which you can use to get more Grenades. Otherwise, just keep attacking the Klikk until it goes down. Once the battle is over, you will be taken to a ship.

Salvage Ship

Once you gain control, talk to the girl and she will give you a tutorial on the Sphere Grid. You will now have access to the Sphere Grid in the menu and will be able to level your characters with spheres you find throughout the game. Talk to the guy on the left to receive 3 Potions, and also grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. I on the right side of the deck. These Primers will help you understand the Al Bhed language that is spoken in Spira, and each Primer will translate 1 of the 26 letters in the Al Bhed Alphabet (Albabhed?). Once you have everything, talk to the girl again to begin the next mission.

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Underwater Ruins

You will now have to swim underwater, and then follow the large chain to get to the ruins entrance. It will now be possible for you to encounter random battles as you explore. Once you’re inside the ruins, use the control panel, and continue down the path until you’re attacked by 3 Piranhas. After the battle, go to the end of the path and examine the device to activate the generator. As you begin to leave, you will be attacked by a boss.


Tros can either attack one character or both of them. Have the girl use Grenades (you can Steal more if needed), and have Tidus use attack, while healing as needed with Potions. Partway through the battle, the boss will move out of range from your attacks, and you will be given a tutorial on Trigger Commands. These are unique commands that will only be available during certain battles, with their effect depending on the battle you’re in. When it’s available, you will see the text “Trigger Command” on top of Attack, and you’ll be able to press playstation left button to access the command.

You can now use the Stand By command while Tros is on the other side of the room, which will heal your characters while they can’t attack. Once the boss goes to the other side of the room again, you will be able to use the Pincer command, surrounding it and preventing it from running for the rest of the fight. Just keep attacking and it should go down quickly.

ffx walkthrough part 2 e

Once the battle is over, follow the girl to trigger some cutscenes, and you will be taken to a new area.

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