Final Fantasy X Luca Walkthrough

S.S. Winno

When you gain control, you will be in the lower deck of the ship. Head near the back of the room to pick up a Hi-Potion from a chest and exit the room from the right. You can find O’aka in this room and you will have your second chance to donate to him if you wish, otherwise save and head upstairs.

Once you’re on the surface, take the door to the left to enter the Bridge. Inside you will find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. V, on the ground. Go back out and head to the back of the ship for a cutscene.

Afterwards, you will have a few chances to raise Affection with some characters.

If you speak to Yuna first, you will raise your Affection with her. Then, there are some stairs you can go up to listen to Wakka and Lulu talking, up to four times. Listening to them all four times will raise your Affection with both of them, and talking to Wakka afterwards will increase his Affection further.

After all of the cutscenes, walk towards the blitzball in the middle of the deck to trigger a cutscene and begin a minigame. The minigame involves Tidus trying to learn the Jecht Shot.

During the game, you’ll see words pop up on the screen. Hold the D-Pad direction that matches where the word is on the screen — for example, hold playstation down button if the word is on the bottom of the screen — and then press playstation x button while still holding the D-Pad button. While you don’t need to complete this minigame to continue the story, Tidus will learn Jecht Shot for the Blitzball minigame, which will be extremely helpful for the Luca tournament game. While you can repeat this minigame later if you fail, this will be your only chance to learn the move before the tournament.

ffx walkthrough part 5 b

After the game, talk to Yuna to trigger a cutscene, and you will arrive at Luca.


When you arrive, head north to see a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be in the locker room of the Besaid Aurochs, and you will be able to go through a tutorial of the Blitzball minigame. This lengthy tutorial will cover all of the aspects of Blitzball, including the controls, stats, learning abilities, and much more. Once you’re done with the tutorial you will be free to explore the city.

Once you walk out of the locker area, head to the left to go into another area with locker rooms. You will find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI on the left side of the area, as well as a chest containing 2 Hi-Potions at the back of it. Head back out and go downstairs, and then to the left to head to the Number 1 Dock. You can double check which dock you’re on by opening the main menu.

In this area you will find O’aka again if you wish to donate or buy items. Otherwise, go down the dock to find two chests: one containing 600 gil, and the other containing a Tidal Spear for Kimahri. Continue moving north to the Number 2 Dock, where you will find another chest containing a Phoenix Down.

Then, continue the path north until you make your way to the Number 5 Dock. Here, make your way behind all of the boxes to find a Magic Sphere and an HP Sphere. Continue down the path, and you will be back at the stadium entrance where you started. Now make your way south.

After the cutscene, head north in this area and make your way to the Theater. You can buy music and videos here and listen to them, if you want. Otherwise, once you’re inside, grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII on the left side of the room, then go back out to the bridge and head east to the Square.

ffx walkthrough part 5 c

After a short cutscene, head up the stairs northeast to find the city limit for Luca — and up the stairs you will find a chest with 1000 gil. You can walk towards Luzzu and Gatta for an extra cutscene. Otherwise, head back down the steps to the Square.

Head into the building on the north side to trigger a cutscene, and you will be back on the Bridge in a party with Kimahri and Lulu. Make your way to the Number 4 Dock — on the way you will get into some battles against machina. Once you make it there, you will get into a boss fight.


You can use Cheer and Haste to help with this fight. Also, the boss is weak to Lightning damage, so Thunder will work well here. You can utilize the crane next to your party with the Trigger Command to make the fight go much faster. However, if you try using it at the start, Tidus will notice that it has no power. Hitting it with Thunder three times will power it up, and you can then use it to take out most of Oblitzerator’s HP.

Note that if you use Lulu‘s Thunder Fury Overdrive, each Thunder from it that hits the crane will count, so you can actually activate it in a single turn if her Overdrive gauge is full and you get lucky with the hits. After the crane is used, just keep attacking the boss and it will do down quickly.

ffx walkthrough part 5 d

After the battle, head back to the Aurochs’ locker room and talk to Wakka to begin the Blitzball game.

Blitzball Tournament

You will now be put in the only required Blitzball match in the game. It’s a very hard game to win, but it is possible, especially if you taught Tidus Jecht Shot on the S.S. Winno.

Winning or losing will not affect the story, but if you want a detailed guide on giving the Aurochs the best chance of winning, we have a section in the Blitzball guide dedicated to this match. The reward if you do win the match will be a Strength Sphere.

When the game is over, you will get a cutscene and then will be forced into a battle with a lot of Sahagin Chiefs. After the battle there will be another cutscene, and then you will fight as Auron against a Vouivre. One attack will kill it. Then, Tidus and Wakka will meet up with him to fight a Garuda.

ffx walkthrough part 5 e

After these fights, follow Auron to meet up with the party, then go talk to Yuna to trigger one of the most well-known cutscenes in the game. After that you will be taken to the next area.

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