Final Fantasy X Zanarkand Walkthrough

Before the game begins, you will be given a choice of which Sphere Grid you want to use: Standard or Expert. This choice will influence your characters’ leveling in this game, and Standard is recommended if this is your first playthrough. Keep in mind once you make your choice, you cannot change your Sphere Grid type without resetting the game.

When you gain control, walk towards the fans to speak to them, and you will be able to name Tidus. Then speak to the two girls on the right, and the kids on the left to trigger the next part. Afterwards, you will be put on a road. Simply run down it, and once you get to the other side, push through the crowd to make it into the stadium and trigger a cutscene.

Zanarkand Attack

After the cutscenes, run south to meet up with Auron, and you will enter your first battle against some Sinscales. Simply attack the Sinscales, making sure to only attack the ones in front of your party, and after two battles you will be put against the Sinspawn Ammes.

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Sinspawn Ammes

This fight serves as a tutorial for Overdrives. These are Final Fantasy X’s version of Limit Breaks, which are powerful attacks that are specific to each character. To access them, press playstation left button in the battle menu, and you will be able to select the characters’ Overdrive name (for example, Bushido for Auron). Auron will begin the battle with his Overdrive full. Follow the instructions on using it, then begin attacking the boss. Tidus‘s Overdrive gauge will fill during the fight, and you can use that to deal extra damage. Sinspawn Ammes only uses Demi, which deals around 25% of your current HP, so it cannot kill you. Simply keep attacking and it will eventually be defeated.

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Zanarkand Road

Once the battle is over, head over to the Save Sphere to heal up and save, and continue down the road. Save Spheres fully replenish your party’s HP and MP, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of them anytime you see one. You will then be put into another battle with more Sinscales. Just keep attacking them while focusing on the ones whose wings are flickering, and eventually Auron will tell you to attack the Tanker. Once you defeat it, the battle will end and you will see a cutscene.

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You will be taken to a dream sequence in which you will be swimming in the air. Swim down by holding playstation circle button, and head towards Jecht to watch another cutscene. Tidus will then wake up in a mysterious new area.

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