Final Fantasy X Djose Walkthrough

Djose Highroad

While on this road, you can run into the Basilisk enemy. They will cast Stone Gaze on party members, which has a chance of Petrifying them. If you don’t get rid of it before all of your party members get affected, it will result in a game over. You can cure Petrify by either using Esuna, a Soft, or a Remedy. If you get any armor with the ‘Stone Ward’ passive, that will help prevent party members from being affected as well. Kimahri will also be able to learn the Stone Breath Overdrive from these enemies with Lancet.

This is just a straight road, so walk down it until you reach a chest containing 2 Phoenix Downs. A little further down behind a pillar, you will find the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI. Talk to all of the people you see on the road to get a Soft Ring, an Ether, a Hi-Potion, a Mega-Potion, and a Variable Steel. There is also a small opening on the left side with a chest containing a Bright Bangle.

final fantasy x al bhed primer 11

Continue down the road until you reach the fork, where you will be forced to go down the path leading to the temple.

In the next area, you can talk to Lucil for an extra cutscene, otherwise just go down the road to arrive at the temple.

Djose Temple

On the left side of the map, you can find a chest with 4000 gil, and on the northeast corner you can find 4 Ability Spheres. On the side of the temple, you will find either Luzzu or Gatta (depending on who survived Operation Mi’ihen), who you can talk to for an extra cutscene. Afterwards, make your way inside the temple.

Head into the room on the left side for a Remedy, and the room on the right for a Mega-Phoenix. After you have everything, head up the stairs in the middle to begin the Cloister

Djose Cloister of Trials

  1. Grab the two Djose Spheres on the sides of the room, and place them on the center door to open it.
  2. In the next room, grab the two Djose Spheres that are on the wall, and place them in the two recesses on the right side of the room. This will activate the floor nearby.
  3. Push the pedestal to the newly powered area, and it will charge the Djose Sphere in it.
  4. Go to the left side of the room and step on the shining floor to reset the pedestal, then take the charged Djose Sphere and place it on the right side of the door to open it.
  5. Take the two Djose Spheres from the right side of the room and place them on the pedestal, then push it through the newly opened door and into the electric field.
  6. Jump across the field using the pedestal, and push the pedestal that’s on the other side to activate it.
  7. Jump back across and reset the pedestal again.
  8. Take the Djose Spheres on the pedestal and place them on the two recesses in the first room, and take the charged Djose Sphere to the recess left of the door. You will be able to ride the platform in the center to the next floor, but do NOT step on it until you get the Destruction Sphere.
  9. Placing the charged Djose Sphere on the left recess will have lit up a wall on the left side of the room. Touch this wall to reveal the Destruction Sphere. Grab it and step on the platform to go to the next room.
  10. In the next room, push all of the pedestals back to make a new one appear. Do not go up the stairs before you grab the Destruction Sphere treasure.
  11. Place the Destruction Sphere on the new pedestal, and you will reveal the treasure with a Magic Sphere.
  12. Run up the stairs to complete the trial.
final fantasy x djose cloister

Once you’re in the next area, try leaving the room to trigger a cutscene and get out of the Temple. You will obtain Ixion and be able to name him as well. If you go inside the shop next to the Save Sphere, you will be able to access the chest in the back of the room to grab a Switch Hitter for Wakka. Go back into the temple and talk to Yuna in the room on the left to trigger the next part of the story, and make your way back to the road.

On the Pilgrimage Road, speak to the man on the left to receive a Halberd for Kimahri. Speak to the man walking back and forth to get 2 Hi-Potions, and the man on the left of the next bridge will give you 10 Potions. Go back to where there was a fork in the road, and take the north path to go to the next area.

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