How to Open the Luxury Bunker – Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a big game that requires the player to have different items and tools to access different parts of the island. Making things more confusing is the fact that the game is in early access, which results in changes that could catch players off guard – putting them out of the loop. If you find yourself at the endgame bunker, called the ‘luxury bunker’, and your VIP keycard isn’t working because the reader is smashed, you will need to go to another bunker to unlock it.

Be advised that this guide contains story spoilers for Sons of the Forest.

The reason that the VIP keycard isn’t working is that the developers changed how players open the bunker in patch 02. Endnight was also sly enough to not reveal how to open the bunker in the patch notes. However, there was a clue if players were meticulous in their reading. One of the bullets under ‘features’ reads:

  • New surveillance room added to bunker residential

You probably see where we’re going with this; you will have to go to the residential bunker’s new surveillance room to open the final bunker.

sons of the forest residential bunker surveillance room
How many more surveillance rooms will they add to the game?

Before you can go to the surveillance room, though, you will first need access to the residential bunker. This is no easy task; we are in the endgame after all. Essentially, you must have the guest keycard to open the locked door to the residential bunker, but it’s not that simple. In order to get the guest keycard, you must first get the maintenance keycard, and to get that keycard you have to acquire the shovel, and to getting the shovel requires the rebreather and rope gun. Let’s list that out to make it clear:

  1. You must have the rope gun and rebreather to obtain the shovel
  2. Use the shovel to acquire the maintenance keycard
  3. Use the maintenance keycard to get the guest keycard

Depending on where you are along these steps, you will need to proceed to the next item until you have the guest keycard. If you cannot see the Residential Bunker on your GPS, that means you need to go to Maintenance Bunker A and obtain the GPS location from the laptop there. However, you do not need the bunker marked on your GPS tracker to enter it.

sons of the forest items needed for opening the luxury bunker v4

With the guest keycard in hand, you can finally open the residential bunker. After descending the steps, use the keycard to open the doors and go deeper into the bunker. You will find a yellow door (1); open it and enjoy the awesome cutscene. Be careful! Immediately after the cutscene, you will find yourself close to a mutant (2). Use a strong weapon like the shotgun to kill it quickly (it definitely warrants the ammo because it is guarding your exit).

This is a good time to save because you will be fighting or running past multiple mutants from here on out. Proceed through the hallway, either dealing with mutants or scrambling past them. The rooms off to your right are chock-full of good loot, but it is easy to get trapped in them with mutants blocking the only entrance. We recommend using a strong weapon like the firefighter’s axe to deal with the enemies, then meticulously picking through each room.

At the end of the hall, you will find a stairwell that leads to another bottom level. There are several of the fast-moving mutants on the stairs; try to deal with them one by one. If these fights are difficult, remember that you can always go back to your save point, so you don’t have to redo them if you die.

The second level is much like the last one, enemies and all. There will be residential rooms off to the side with fantastic loot – like the katana, which is in the second room on this level (1). Another residential room that you will want to check is directly after the one with the katana. Inside it, in the far corner, there is a laptop on a desk. When you interact with it, your GPS tracker will be updated with the location of the Luxury Bunker (2).

Again, you will find another stairwell at the end of the hall, but this one has an open door in it; that is the surveillance room (1)! When you enter, you will see Timmy LeBlanc on the monitors trying to force open the doors of the luxury bunker. Approach the computer that says “unlock” on it and press button xbox a v2 / playstation x button / computer key e t; you will then see the doors open for Timmy (2).

If you’re feeling confident, you can continue down the stairs and explore the rest of this bunker. There is a good piece of loot down there, the gold mask, but there’s also a dangerous enemy. If you’re low on health or ammunition, you can go back out the way you came in. If you’re thinking of going straight to the luxury bunker, you will want to make sure you have the golden armor! Lucky for you, we have a guide for that too.

We hope that this helped you open the luxury bunker without too many difficulties. Did you think the devs changing how to open the door was a good move? Are you as curious as we are about how Timmy escaped? Let us know in the comments!

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