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Ask someone why they only have a couple hours played in Sons of the Forest, and it’s even odds that they tell you that the caves were simply too dark and too scary. Well, if there ever was an item for those people, it’s the flashlight. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where and how you can snag Sons of the Forest’s flashlight, allowing you to light up the darkness without having to fill your weapon hand with a torch.

Like most of the useful equipment in Sons of the Forest, the flashlight is found on the western side of the island. It’s fairly easy to locate, as it’s marked by one of the three GPS tracker icons you can see on your map — specifically, it’s the one closest to the mountain. If you’re approaching from the ocean rather than from the top of the mountain, you’ll need to follow the trail that leads around and up to the small cliff — you’ll see why in the next section.

Upon reaching the GPS tracker, you might notice that it’s lead you to a body hanging from the cliff by a rope — one that you can’t reach. To remedy this, make your way up to the top of the cliff the body is suspended from, and find the rock with a rope tied around it. Pull out an axe, then use the axe to cut the rope. Make sure you also loot the other stuff near the rock, and then make your way back down to the bottom of the cliff. There, you’ll find the corpse you cut down. Grab the GPS locater, the other loot the corpse has, and finally the item you came here for, the flashlight!

Like all weapons and tools, you can equip the flashlight by opening your inventory with computer key i t /button xbox dpad down , then put your cursor on the flashlight (which is located just to the right of the crafting mat). Press icon mouse left click v2/playstation l2 button , and you’ll pull out the flashlight. From now on — and until you equip or use your lighter — pressing computer key l t /button xbox dpad leftwill put away or pull out your flashlight, rather than your lighter. It’s also worth noting that the flashlight uses batteries, so unlike the lighter, it can’t be used indefinitely. The amount of power left in the batteries you have in the flashlight is visible on the flashlight’s handle.

We hope this guide on finding the flashlight in Sons of the Forest was useful! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by dropping us a line in the comments below.

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