How To Get the Canteen – Sons of the Forest

One of the most consistent aspects of survival games are meters that indicate a player’s hunger or thirst level. On top of the health and stamina bars, these can be difficult to keep up with and can hold you back at the worst possible moments. In Sons of the Forest, dehydration often hits while you are trying to get away from a cannibal mutant or are just navigating back to your house in the middle of the night.

From the panting to the slowed movement, being thirsty is irritating and does not mix together well with surviving. One way to combat this quickly depleting meter is by having a canteen or flask full of water ready. If you are wondering how to get the canteen in Sons of the Forest, read on below and ready yourself for some accessible hydration.

Before you’re able to craft a canteen and whip it out for a quick drink, you’re going to need to locate a 3D Printer. Thankfully, 3D Printers can be found in caves across the island map. If you refer to the spots marked on the map below, you can use your GPS to locate whichever cave shown is nearest to your location. Be sure to bring some medicine with you and have a good weapon ready in case you come across any mutants.

sons of the forest 3d printer locations

You will need to have Printer Resin on hand to be able to use the 3D Printer, but it’s a pretty common item found throughout the island. You’ll likely come across it on your way to a 3D Printer itself. If not, you can almost always find some behind or right by the printer.

When you’re searching the caves for a 3D Printer, keep an eye out for a laptop and printer duo as shown below. This is the 3D Printer and you should be able to interact with the printer itself to add resin by pressing computer key e t / playstation x button / button xbox a v2. (Note that most printers will already have some Resin in them when you first find them). Once you have added resin, interact with the laptop by pressing computer key r t / playstation r1 button / button xbox rightbumper to tab over to the Flask. This is the canteen that you want to craft.

When the laptop’s screen shows the Flask as it does in the images above, simply press computer key e t / playstation x button / button xbox a v2 to start printing. It should take about 15 seconds, and you can watch the process live as its printing.

When the 3D Printer is done producing the Printed Flask, go back over to it and follow its prompt as shown below to press computer key e t / playstation x button / button xbox a v2 to pick up your canteen.

3D Printer Flask Sons of the Forest

Now that you have your very own shiny canteen, you can head out of the cave and find a body of water to fill it up with. You can use any streams, lakes, or rivers since they all are host to drinkable freshwater. All you need to do is open up your inventory by pressing computer key i t / playstation down button / button xbox dpad down and look toward the bottom left near your food as shown below for the Printed Flask.

You then just need to press icon mouse left click v2 / playstation r2 button / button xbox righttrigger to equip it and approach a body of water. The game will prompt you to press computer key e t / playstation x button / button xbox a v2 as shown in the second image below, which will fill up the canteen.

Now that your Flask is full and ready to go, you can use it whenever you notice your hydration level dropping. To use the canteen and drink from it, press computer key e t / playstation x button / button xbox a v2 while its full and in your hand. You can drink from the Printed Flask four times before needing to refill it again. If you want easier access, be sure to make use of quick-select with the backpack.

Since we’ve shown you how to get the canteen in Sons of the Forest, you can hop back onto the island and set out in search of a 3D Printer yourself. If you feel like knowing more about the game could help raise your odds of survival, you can also stick around for a bit and check out some other helpful guides.

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