Where to Get the Maintenance Keycard – Sons of the Forest

A big part of the game loop in Sons of the Forest is going out and exploring new areas and points of interest on your GPS tracker. It can be rather annoying to hike to a new spot, just to find it’s a dead-end that requires a keycard. The maintenance keycard is perhaps the most important in terms of exploring because it allows you to obtain the other two keycards, as well as acquire other awesome weapons and items.

The keycard can be found at Maintenance Bunker A; it is the one in the northwestern sector, closer to the mountain. Unfortunately, you will need to acquire the shovel before you can enter this location, as the hatch is buried (and getting the shovel also requires that you have the rebreather and rope gun). In order for the green marker to show up on your GPS tracker, you have to find the laptop in the shovel cave (the laptop is next to a flashlight attachment in a dark cavern).

Once there, look for a patch of dirt between two tripods, and start digging. You should quickly uncover a hatch — hold playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t to enter it and climb down the ladder.

After you have uncovered the entrance with your shovel, go down the hatch, and you will find yourself in a hallway. There are some mutant babies at the end of the hall, so you will want to take them out before you start looting. If you head straight, you will find a storage room with miscellaneous supplies and the firefighter’s axe – it is in a case on the wall. In the other room in the hallway, you will find a living area with a record player blasting music. The maintenance keycard is on a desk next to the 3D printer.

On the other desk next to the 3D printer, you can also grab the laser sight attachment for your pistol and shotgun(1). On that same table is a laptop that you can select to give you the location of the Food Bunker on your GPS tracker (2). If you go deeper into the room, you will find a gruesome scene in the bathroom. However, just next to the bathtub is a very nice tuxedo you can pick up (3).

Loot the room for other food and items, then you can head out the same way you entered.

Now you’re probably wondering what this card opens. Well, a lot of things, actually. Here are the areas that we know of so far that can be opened with the maintenance keycard:

sons of the forest bunkers that the maintenance keycard open

With all those new areas now available, you will have plenty to explore and won’t be disappointed by any dead-ends.

We hope this guide proved helpful. Were you able to find any other doors that the maintenance keycard could open? Let us know in the comments!

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