Flashlight Attachment

Game: Sons of the Forest

Tool / Crafting Material
Max Carried: 1
A flashlight attachment that can go on either of your firearms – the shotgun, or the pistol. Requires either the pistol rail or the shotgun rail to attach it.

Players can find the flashlight attachment while getting the shovel. It is in the same cave (1), and just like the shovel, requires players to have the rebreather and rope gun. About halfway through the cave, players will find a larger cavern that has a light in the middle and several mutants. The light in the center by a corpse is actually the flashlight attachment (2).

Surprisingly, the flashlight attachment is the only electronic light source that doesn’t require batteries to recharge them. As a result, it is a good tool to have while exploring caves with your firearms. In order to attach it to your weapons, you will need either the pistol rail, or the shotgun rail, depending on the weapon. After having the components, go to your inventory and press “combine” on the pieces to move them to the center crafting mat. Then select the gear in the top-right of the mat, this will combine the pieces together.

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