How to Get and Use the Sled – Sons of the Forest

The printed sled is a useful item to have in the midgame of Sons of the Forest. Reason being, you’ll eventually want to travel from the western side of the island to the eastern side, where the late game bunkers are – like the Luxury Bunker. Unfortunately, this is the only use for the printed sled; you might’ve been like us and thought it could carry more logs, but this isn’t the case.

The printed sled is actually very easy to find and acquire: you can print it at a 3D printer. The easiest one to access is on the western side of the map, in a bunker next to a stream. The Entertainment Bunker (1) is marked on your GPS tracker with a green circle after you find the laptop at the start of the rebreather cave. The actual entrance is a bit hidden; it is in a crevice in the earth next to an overgrown golf cart (2).

You don’t need to worry when entering the bunker, since there are no enemies until later on. Press button xbox dpad left / computer key l t to use your lighter to see in the dark, then follow the path. Through the first doorway, you will find a maintenance room, and inside is the 3D printer. There’s also quite a bit of resources in this room, so look around carefully. Also, feel free to save and rest up at the sleeping bag in the corner.

Using the 3D printer is relatively intuitive. For printing the sled, go to the printer itself and make sure that it has 1000 ml of printer resin loaded into it – there’s 850 ml preloaded. You can load more resin by approaching the machine and holding button xbox a v2 / playstation x button / computer key e t. When the machine plump with resin, you can choose what you want to print at the laptop adjacent to the machine; the computer’s screen will show you which buttons to press (button xbox rightbumper / computer key r t to swap printable items, and button xbox a v2 / playstation x button / computer key e t to start printing).

sons of the forest 3d printer room
There’s printer resin on the shelves of this room

The one factor that can be a problem is that the printed sled is the most expensive item to print, requiring 1000 ml of printer resin. If you are beginning the game, we recommend holding off on printing the sled, because there are far more important items to have like 3D printed arrows, printed grappling hooks, or the printed flask.

A good time to print the sled is when you come to this bunker to grab the guest keycard, after acquiring the maintenance keycard. If you find yourself short on printer resin, you can go to some locations not marked on your GPS and open supply crates, which have a chance of providing printer resin.

Using the sled isn’t intuitive, so let’s go over the basics. First, you will need to be on a slope; the primary area that you will use it is on the snowy mountain in the center of the map. If you want to quickly descend the slope, go to your inventory (button xbox dpad down / computer key i t ) and select the printed sled in the top left. All you have to do now is jump ( button xbox y v2 / playstation triangle button / computer key space bar t ) and engage the printed sled by pressing button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2. If on a steep slope, your character will quickly slide down to the bottom.

sons of the forest printed sled in inventory
The sled one of the largest items in the inventory

There are a couple of alternate uses for the sled that are worth mentioning. For example, the sled negates any falling damage. Consequently, if you’re faced with jumping off a cliff, then just equip the sled in the air and you will be fine. Another interesting characteristic is that the printed sled can be used in water. This means you can also ride it down some sloping rivers.

Now that you know everything about the printed sled in Sons of the Forest, you’ll be zooming down the mountain in no time! Did you find any other interesting uses for the sled? Tell us about it in the comments.

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