Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
1 (can’t leave inventory)
A plasma lighter that can be used as a light source, and also acts as the player’s tool for making fires.

The lighter is in the emergency pack that the player can open from their inventory at the very start of the game. After opening the pack, players can equip the lighter from their inventory (it’s small, but it’s just to the right in the inventory), or can equip it while playing by simply pressing button xbox dpad left/ computer key l t.

The lighter’s primary functions are being a light source, and a means to make a fire. Equipping it is a great way to see in dark areas, and (in our opinion) is better than some other light sources like flares. To start a fire with your lighter, first equip a stick then look at the ground, you will see a white-dashed line showing that you can break the sticks by pressing icon mouse left click v2/ button xbox righttrigger ; after breaking two sticks, you will see an indicator to light the fire with your lighter and a leaf by holding computer key e t / button xbox a v2.

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