How to Get Virginia as a Companion – Sons of the Forest

One of your main companions in Sons of the Forest will be the mutant woman, Virginia. She is very shy and skittish, but with some patience and goodwill, she will help you survive on the inhospitable island. In this guide, we’ll explain how to find Virginia, and how to convince her to help you survive.

Fortunately, Virginia will actually seek you out in the first couple of days. You will know it’s her because no other person or enemy looks like her. She is a blond haired woman with three legs and three arms. She is also in a swimsuit-maybe she swam in some chemicals or something. If you try to approach her, she will tremble and run away.

sons of the forest virginia running
She’s very scared of you at first

Recruiting Virginia as a companion is easy: you will simply have to let her become comfortable around you. When she is around, don’t do any of the following:

  • Attack her
  • Run at her
  • Act aggressive

Some sources also claim that you should put away any weapons your holding when she approaches (by pressing playstation circle button/button xbox b v2/computer key g t), but we have been unable to confirm this has an affect on her behavior. If you mess up or change your mind after attacking her, don’t worry. She will still come around in the future-as long as she’s alive. Eventually, you will see her approach you with some foraged plants. This is a sign that she is now your companion.

sons of the forest virginia featured image
She brings aloe vera, a plant used to make healing mixtures

Furthermore, you can walk up to her and press button xbox a v2/computer key e t/playstation x button to give her items. Once you have found the items, you can give her a pistol, shotgun, and a GPS locator, as well as different outfits. Choose wisely what items you would like her to hold, because they won’t be available in your own inventory. Although there are instances where this glitches, and items you give her will still be in your own inventory too.

sons of the forest virginia giving her things
Take note of the option to switch giftable items in the bottom left of the screen

After you have given her the locator, she will appear on your GPS with a green icon that looks like sons of the forest virginia locator icon. This is helpful because sometimes she will wander off on her own. If you’re entering into a fight, and you want to know if she’ll be there to back you up, check your GPS locator before entering combat.

Did we miss any information about Virginia? Do you think she’s a good companion? Tell us about it in the comments!

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11 months ago

Giving her your weapons does remove it from your inventory. Both Wife and I gave her our pistols. We both lost our pistols and she still also only had one pistol.

Reply to  Dificeman
11 months ago

Have you tried reloading your save and returning to where the pistol is found? I’ve seen reports that this allows you to get a new pistol if Virginia does end up actually taking yours (Virginia being a gun-thief we haven’t been able to replicate yet).