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One of the Sons of the Forest weapons you will not want to miss is the powerful shotgun. This weapon is one of the strongest in the game, completely decimating most enemies. It’s a classic gun to the genre, so let’s jump into the details on how to acquire it.

On your GPS, you can actually see a point of interest in the very northwestern part of the map. On the GPS’s screen, it is marked with a purple exclamation point; those points mean there is a GPS locator at the site. This is where you will find the shotgun. However, you don’t want to go all the way there without a shovel, as the weapon is buried.

map location where to get the shotgun sons of the forest guide
Purple points mean a GPS locator is there

When you arrive at the site, you will want to be very attentive to your surroundings — there are a lot of enemies. After you feel safe, take out your shovel and dig on the dirt side of the grave, which is marked with a cross. You’ll uncover a wooden coffin which will need to be smashed open with an axe; inside is the shotgun and a GPS locator.

Ammunition is scarce for the shotgun, so you will only want to use it against the toughest of enemies. However, you can find more in cases scattered over the map. These cases are generally around points of interests, and entrances to caves. You will also find ammunition in random parts of the facilities that you can enter with the maintenance keycard.

That all being said, there is a way to exploit the game’s early access state and get a lot of ammunition. Simply find and loot an area with some crates or ammunition, save your game with a tarp tent, reload the game, and the ammunition will have respawned. This will likely be fixed later on, but for now, might as well load up on shells.

We hope this guide on finding the shotgun in SotF was helpful! Let us know if you have questions or suggestions by using the comments below.

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