Where to Get the Binoculars – Sons of the Forest

The Binoculars are an important tool to have while exploring the island. They allow you to see far off locations, so if you have a good vantage point, you can avoid enemy camps and other dangers all together. On the real estate side of things, you can also use them to scope out the best places to build your new base.

The binoculars can be found along the northwestern beaches. While walking the sandy coast, you’ll find some beached kayaks. You can find some other helpful items here like tarps, vodka bottles, and watches. The binoculars will be on the kayak closer to the water: they’re sitting on the nose of the vessel. Inside the same kayak, players can also pick up the camouflage suit for Virginia.

Unlike many other items, the binoculars can be obtained from the very start of the game. If you got the ocean spawn — where your chopper crashes into the sea at the start of the game — then you can simply walk down the beach and grab them. If you weren’t so lucky to start next to them, it’s no big deal. The first cave that you will want to do for the story, the Rebreather Cave, is the same small walk away. If you didn’t grab them at either of these opportunities, and you want to save a trip, go grab them when you pick up the shotgun after acquiring the shovel.

sons of the forest places by binoculars
The beached kayaks are a bit out of the way, but so are these places

Like most items, you can bring up your binoculars by going to your inventory (button xbox dpad down/ computer key i t ) and selecting them (they’re next to the tactical axe on the right). Equip them (icon mouse left click v2/ button xbox righttrigger ), then your character will hold them in their right hand. This means that they can be used with left-hand items like the lighter, flashlight, or GPS tracker. When held up, they provide you with a noticeable magnification.

The binoculars can be fun, but don’t look down the sights too long or a cannibal will sneak up on you (happened to us). Do you use the binoculars often, or not very much? Did you see any interesting behaviors of enemies from far off? Tell us all about it in the comments, and thanks for reading!

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