Game: Sons of the Forest

Building Material
Max Carried:
A rain resistant tarp that can be used to build a quick shelter.

One tarp can be found at the start of the game by the helicopter that you crashed on. Other tarps can be found inside supply crates, which are prevalent around camps (abandoned & enemy), caves, and bunkers.

sons of the forest tarp in supply crate

Tarps are the easiest way to create save points. Equip the tarp and find a flat area to lay it out by pressing button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2, then use a stick to prop up one corner of the tarp to make a tent. As long as you have a stick in your inventory, you will see an arrow raising from the corner of the tarp, which indicates you can perform that action. After propping up a corner, you will see options to save or rest at the new structure. Also, you can use your tactical axe to chop the support stick, so you can pick up the tarp again.

sons of the forest tarp tent
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