Where to Get the Night Vision Goggles – Sons of the Forest

While stealth isn’t the most fleshed out system in Sons of the Forest, there are some areas where it can really come in handy. What makes this style of play ten times easier is being able to see. That’s where night vision goggles come in: they allow you to see in the darkest places. We don’t expect players to use them in most of the bunkers and caves, but it’s nice to have options.

They are actually in a cave that is a little out of the way. Just like any other major cave, it is marked on your GPS tracker with the cave icon. It is the most southwest cave you will see on the GPS, and it is right next to a small lake (more like an oversized puddle, really). Fortunately, you will not have to fight any enemies in the cave for the weapon.

As soon as you enter, you will see a couple of skeletons in chairs. One of the chairs is partly submerged in an underwater passage; this is actually the exit for the Golden Armor Cave. The skeleton towards the back, though, is comically wearing the night vision goggles. You can relieve him of the tech device, and add it to your own inventory.

This is a hard item to place in the grand scheme of the game’s story. It is most useful in one of the first caves you should do, the rebreather cave, but it is a long trek from there. However, if you are lucky enough to start the game with the forest spawn, then you could rationalize making the trip to this cave. Also, if you are ever at the plane crash to pick up resources, that isn’t far at all from the night vision goggles.

sons of the forest night goggles map with other locations

Open up your inventory (computer key i t) and press icon mouse left click v2/ button xbox righttrigger to put them on, and they’ll function how you probably imagine they would. Just like in the movies, you’ll now see everything in different shades of green, regardless how well-lit it is. When wearing night vision goggles, it becomes immediately apparent that you can’t see very well with them on – that’s the price of seeing in the dark. A realistic feature is that if you wear them where it is light, you will be blinded. As a result, we recommend only using them when needed.

Like most electric items in the game (except the flashlight attachment, curiously enough), the night vision goggles require batteries after running out of juice. You can see their charge in the top right of your screen while you’re wearing them, and in the inventory screen when you’re not. For the latter, the charge is depicted by a light blue bar that is just below the item’s icon.

sons of the forest night vision goggles in inventory
They kinda look like binoculars

Now that you can see in the dark, you’ll need a weapon to use in the dark too. We think that the pistol with the silencer attachment is the perfect fit. We hope that this guide helped you survive those dark, spooky caves. Let us know what you think of the goggles in the comments!

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