How To Get the Golden Armor – Sons of the Forest

When it comes to surviving as many days as possible in Sons of the Forest, some of the most important items to upgrade are armor pieces. While some armor is relatively easy to obtain, such as the Creepy Armor, such sets don’t stand up well to the game’s demon enemies. Taking just a few hits from a demon can often be more than enough wear and tear to leave you completely vulnerable. If you are looking to take these powerful foes on with more than just a raw health bar, the best armor set to look for is the Golden Armor — it’s also required to complete the game’s story. Read on to find out how to get the Golden Armor for yourself in Sons of the Forest.

The most important thing to note when looking for any item in Sons of the Forest is its location. Simply pull open your handy GPS to navigate the map and search for the area pictured below. It will be located toward the western part of the island and should be marked as a cave on your map. The cave will be at the base of snowy mountains and should be right next to a large lake. Before you set off, be sure you have first obtained the Rebreather since you are going to need it.

You will know you have reached the correct cave if you see a boarded-up entrance with two dead men dressed in white slumped over outside of it. Be sure to look near the corpses and pick up The Realm Beyond, a book item that alludes to the game’s ending. Once you are ready to enter the cave, simply break through the wooden boards blocking the entrance. You can use any axe or other melee weapon of choice.

After you get into the cave, all you need to do is keep moving forward. There is only one path to follow, so the route to the Golden Armor is not overly complicated. You will need to have your Rebreather ready upon reaching the water, since the only way to proceed is by diving underneath. Thankfully, there are two conveniently placed oxygen tanks right by the water’s edge.

Swim down and continue on through the underwater tunnel until you are able to resurface on the other side. From there, you will need to walk straight ahead until you reach a little ledge. Jump down from this to slide into another area of the cave that has been flooded with water. Continue going forward until you come across a big open area in the cave. You should see dead bodies here and a good variety of loot. Take a moment to pick up any ammo you need before continuing on. Look to the wall with the painted mural on it, as shown to the right in the image below, and follow the path left until you come across yet another open area with water.

sons of the forest golden armor mural

You will see a well-lit path leading right, and two more corpses on a nearby rock. There will be a rope leading you further down into the cave at the end of this path, and you will want to go down it. When you hit the bottom, go straight ahead once more until you come across a tunnel flooded by water. Swim through this until you can resurface again. After rising above the water at the other end of the tunnel, you will need to move forward again.

sons of the forest golden armor tunnel

Turn right when you are able to and you will come across the Golden Armor as shown below. It should be adorning a slumped-over corpse on golden flooring. To grab the armor, simply walk up to the dead body and press computer key e t /button xbox a v2 /playstation x button. It will then be in your inventory, located all the way to the right where other armor pieces are. From here you can click on the Golden Armor to equip it.

Now that you have your Golden Armor ready to go, you can begin making your way out of the cave. After picking up the set, simply look directly to your right to see a hanging rope that you can climb. As pictured below, you will need to grab onto this rope and continue up onto the ledge. You will then see yet another rope. Climb up this one as well. From there, continue on down a short path until you reach a third rope. Climb it and then walk straight ahead, fighting your way through any mutants.

You will come across some more water and will need to dive underneath. Swim forward through the cave until you reach another rope. You can use the rope to climb up and out of the water, from where you will need to walk forward again. You are going to slide into more water, but do not fret. The end is nearby! Head straight ahead once more through a golden corridor, as shown below. Once you near the end of the gold path, you will see a lit entrance to another part of the cave. Go through there to reach another pool.

Once in the pool, swim underneath through another underwater tunnel and you will resurface at the cave’s exit. Now you can finally leave, Golden Armor equipped and all. The Golden Armor is especially useful as it cannot break. It will give you full protection instead of segmented parts that can degrade over time — the armor functions more like an outfit than the game’s other armors. You will also need to use it to progress through the story later on as it is a key item.

After you’ve equipped all of the set’s pieces, you should be ready to take on some of the more ferocious demons. You will even find yourself more than capable of handling larger groups of them. Now that you know how to get the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest, you can grab it for yourself, then and have a look around at some more guides to help you on your path to survival!

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