Golden Armor

Game: Sons of the Forest

Armor / Outfit
Max Carried:
High (absorbs 70% of demon damage)
A golden set of armor that protects the player against demons and gives them access to the magma chamber.

Since Patch 02, the golden armor has been moved to a new cave system in the southwest section of the island (1). It is a vast cave, filled with mutants. Make sure you bring an extra tarp to make save points throughout the long trek through the cave. It’s a fairly linear cave with a few dead ends, but you shouldn’t get lost. You will use the rebreather a lot, and there is quite a bit of extra air tanks to pick up.

Once you see your first demon after swimming through an underwater passage, then you are in the area with the golden armor. It will be on an altar of sorts, surrounded by corpses wearing hazmat suits (2). There is a rope that you can climb up to leave this room (it’s still a long ways out after the climbing the rope).

For a more in-depth guide on obtaining the golden armor, go to How to Get the Golden Armor.

The golden armor is a unique outfit / armor that significantly reduces the damage that demons can do to the player. It doesn’t provide any damage resistance to cannibals, so you will want to hang onto your other armors. The armor takes up the entire bar of armor next to the health bar, and will remove other armors equipped automatically (1). It is also an outfit, and removes the currently equipped outfit the player has on. Lastly and most importantly, the armor allows the player to progress the game in the far eastern bunker along the shoreline, making it a mandatory item to finish the game (2).

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