Locations, Map Markers, and GPS Changes in V1.0 – Sons of the Forest

Along with a host of changes in the v1.0 release of Sons of the forest, players will notice that the GPS acts a little different from how it did in early access. There are some new map markers that populate on your GPS Tracker, and some different ways that the game lures players to points of interest. It’s a small change, but very effective in its purpose.

If you played in early access, then you know that the GPS Tracker’s functionality — and thus finding places to explore— was easy to understand (see our guide, Map Markers – SOTF, if you’re a new player). On the GPS’s screen, there were cave locations, green points of interest, and GPS locators marked with an “!”. Quite a bit has changed since then to show players where to go:

  • A lot more caves are marked on the GPS (new items and story beats contained within).
  • The green circle GPS points of interest won’t appear unless you find red-flashing computers (usually in caves).
  • Some GPS locators have new markers and don’t appear unless you’re close enough to them.
  • Flare signals and smoke signals can be seen in the sky.
  • Assets like golf carts and foldable gliders will show on GPS when close by.

Returning players that haven’t played since early access don’t need to worry too much about the caves. There are quite a bit more (especially in the north-east), but the original caves that you want to explore first are still in their same spots. The newer ones on the east side of the island are worth exploring because they have new items and story things, but players should wait till they’ve handled the western caves first.

sons of the forest v1 map and locations article red laptop
If it’s flashing red, it must be important

The green circle points of interest, that show players where bunkers are, were changed a while ago to only show up if players find their locations on laptops hidden in caves. If you see a red-flashing laptop, make sure to interact with it.

Gone are the days when there were only three GPS locators on random soldiers. Now, players can find a plethora of GPS locators scattered around the map. There’s just one catch, though; for two of them, you have to be in the same area before they pop up on the GPS Tracker. Here’s a list of the three different locators you’ll find about:

  • Purple Exclamation Point – This is the original one you will always see, regardless of proximity, that shows where you can find a member of Team B.
  • Blue Question Mark – This locator will be at a “Jianyu” camp. You have to be in the same area as the camp for it to appear. Here you’ll find some larger tents filled with equipment, and maybe a helicopter that will take off.
  • Orange Hammer – Another locator that requires the player to be close by to show up on the GPS tracker, this is where you’ll find a construction site, and sometimes a small cave.

Whenever you see one of these, it’s worth your time to explore the site and grab equipment and resources. There’s usually minimal risk involved, and they sometimes have very good loot.

One way that the game shows you where to explore without the GPS Tracker is through smoke columns, and red flares. These can actually be sort of hard to see if you’re in the forest, so try to intermittently get out in an open field or along a cliffside to scan the horizon. You’ll find two very different people at the base of these signals:

  • Red Flares – Dying soldiers that are signaling for help. You can’t save them, and as soon as you approach, they will slump over dead. You should always go to these because there’s always an item or resources to plunder.
  • Smoke Plumes – Cannibal camp that will attack you. If you kill the cannibals, then the smoke will dissipate since no one is tending the fire. If you’re itching for a fight, then consider this smoke and open invitation.
sons of the forest v1 map and loactions article red flare
Can’t save you, but I’ll take your stuff

The last new feature you will notice for your GPS Tracker is that icons for golf carts and foldable gliders will emerge when they’re nearby. The glider icon is very recognizable and looks like a…glider, but the golf cart is simply a blue circle. Don’t shy away from either of these icons; they can help to traverse the island significantly faster.

sons of the forest v1 map and locations article blue golf cart icon
There are copious golf carts on this mutant-infested island

We really think that all these changes make it easier to find materials and interesting points on the island. What about you? Have these new features led you to some exciting locations? Tell us about it in a comment!

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