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The guest keycard is an important item in Sons of the Forest because you will need it to enter the Residential Bunker, which means you need it to enter the endgame Luxury Bunker too. However, the bunker where it resides is a difficult one that is full of mutants. Fear not: we will go over each section of it, so you know what you’re up against. We’ll also help you not miss any significant items along the way.

In order to enter the bunker where the guest keycard resides, players must have the maintenance keycard. To be honest, getting the maintenance keycard itself is its own trial. In case you are unaware, these are the items you will need to obtain the maintenance keycard:

The Entertainment Bunker where you can find the guest keycard is on the western side of the map, and is marked with a green circle on your GPS tracker (1). It will only appear on the GPS if you downloaded its location from the laptop at the start of the cave, where you get the rebreather. You might have already visited the Entertainment Bunker because it has a 3D printer in a room just after entering it. The entrance can be somewhat difficult to make out; it is a hole in the ground that looks like a cave, right next to a stream and overgrown golf cart (2).

When you first enter the bunker, you will walk down a hall and see a maintenance room with a 3D printer inside. This is where you will want to rest at the sleeping bag and create a save point. Be sure that you are well-prepared before venturing further; there are many mutants in this bunker dying to meet you.

If you’re light on weapons and explosives, consider sprinting through the bunker and past its enemies. There are mutants in all the rooms, but the spaces are pretty open and there aren’t many choke points where they can trap you. If you are feeling confident (and have powerful weapons), you can methodically move through the rooms and clear them as you go, so you don’t miss any of that sweet loot.

Leaving the 3D printer room, take a right and head down the well-lit hallway to the locked door. This is where you will need the maintenance keycard; approach the keypad, and you will see a prompt to press button xbox a v2 / playstation x button / computer key e t to use the keycard (1). Upon entering the next room, you will find yourself in a gym area (2). If you require them, grab the energy drinks on the yellow benches, then progress forward towards the purple lights and turn left (the door on the right leads to a pool that is a dead end).

After turning the corner, there is another gym area, but this one has three mutants in it (1). Dispatch them or run past them, but be sure to snag the tracksuit on one of the benches in the middle of the room (2). The outfit isn’t for you, but you can give it to your companion, Virginia.

Straight ahead is a spa section of the bunker filled with sensory deprivation tanks. As a heads-up, there is a mutant in these rooms of the bigger, toothier variety. The one item of note here is an outfit that you can wear, the pajamas! Take an immediate right (1) when walking into the spa, and the sleepwear will be on the shelves of this corner room (2).

Now that you have some new clothes for yourself and Virginia, run to the back of the spa and pass through the glass doors (1). This is a room with high ceilings and tall windows along the back. Players will want to run through here as there is a powerful, conjoined mutant in this room. There’s no important items, so quickly climb either of the large stair sets up to the poolroom (2).

This pool area doesn’t have many enemies, but there is a big mutant towards the back waiting in the club that sometimes comes out. Unfortunately, you won’t find much good loot here, except for some cloth by the pool’s edge. In the back right corner, your gaze will be drawn to a lit-up door, however it’s locked. It leads to the chainsaw, and the exit. You will need the guest keycard to open it, which is in the club right by the door!

sons of the forest club entrance and door to chainsaw
Not your average vacation pool

Inside the club, there are a lot of items to loot. If you can, try to kill the mutants here so that you can load up your inventory. Something you won’t want to miss is the guitar sitting on the bar to the left as soon as you walk in (1). Head to the back right area that has tables flanking both sides of the room, and on the penultimate glass table to the right, surrounded by corpses, you’ll find the guest keycard (2).

However, don’t leave the club just yet. There’s another locked door to a security room along the back wall; now that you have the guest keycard, you can open it. Inside the security room, players can help themselves to a shotgun rail, buckshot ammo, printer resin, and two supply cases. There is also a laptop here, where players can acquire the location of Maintenance Bunker B for their GPS tracker.

sons of the forest entertainment bunker laptop for maintenance b
Always keep an eye out for these laptops

Now, if you’re low on health, you can head back the way you came and leave the bunker. However, you will want to come back, as there’s still a great item to get behind the locked door in the corner of the poolroom (which you can open with the guest keycard). Be careful — in the hallway immediately after opening the door is a sizeable group of mutants. A good tactic is to lead them out of the hallway, one at a time, to the pool area where you can fight them. If they fall in the pool, they will die.

When you get to the end of the hallway, you’ll be in a small sitting room. If you want the chainsaw (and you do), meander to the back left corner of this room and go through the passage to the small theater (1). You will notice that the chainsaw is embedded in the chest of an unlucky corpse that’s sitting on the yellow beanbag chair (2).

If you ran all the way here and there are mutants back the way you came, you will want to go through the exit passage in the sitting room. This will lead you to a cave that goes back to the forest. There are a couple of baby mutants in the passage and in the cave that can be easily vanquished, but after that, you should have no issues getting back to the spooky island forest.

sons of the forest guest keycard bunker exit to cave
The exit sign above the door is a nice touch

Now that you have the guest keycard, you can head over to the eastern side of the island. The keycard will open the Residential Bunker, which is where you can get the katana. Did you have any troubles with this bunker, or was it easier than the rest? Tell us about it in the comments!

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