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Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried: 1
A tool that allows for underwater exploration. Requires refilling with an air tank after use.

Where to Get the Rebreather

The rebreather is an important tool that can be found in a cave along the northwest shoreline, which is the same cave with stun gun (1). This cave has a plethora of mutants inside, making it a difficult trek. Be sure to save before entering, and bring an extra tarp to make a save point inside too.

After entering and fighting or running past the mutants, you will come to a fork by a floodlight. The path to the right will lead you to the stun gun, and the path to the left will go to the rebreather. Following the path will put you in a cavern with a shark-infested pool; the rebreather will be at the edge of the pool (2).

For a more in-depth guide on finding the rebreather, go to Where to Find the Rebreather.

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