Where to Get the Firefighter Axe – Sons of the Forest

In a game where building a base necessitates a lot of tree chopping, having the best axe possible becomes fairly important (unless of course you’re making Kelvin do all the manual labor). The tactical axe you start with may not be very powerful, but there are bigger and better options in Sons of the Forest. In this guide, we’ll show you where and how to get your hands on one of them — the fire axe.

Before you can earn yourself a shiny new axe, you’ll need to get a number of other tools. This is because accessing the fire axe requires the shovel, which in turn requires both the rebreather and the rope gun. Fortunately, these can all be found relatively close to one another, as they’re all on the same side of the island where you initially spawn. However, the rebreather is a decent hike out from the rest of the locations.

sons of the forest firefighter axe requirements map
Make sure you get the shovel last

Once you’ve got all the prerequisite tools, you’ll finally be able to go to where the fire axe is located. It’s at Maintenance Bunker A, which will be a point of interest on your GPS tracker if you found the laptop in the shovel cave that marks it for you. You won’t need the bunker’s location on your GPS to enter it, but it will help you find it. The bunker is on the river that leads to the beach with the cave that contains the rebreather — simple enough, right? You can also just look at the picture below (1).

Once you reach the indicated spot, go to the bare patch of dirt in between the golf cart and the two pylons (2), then start digging with the shovel — you’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see a shovel icon on the dirt. You’ll uncover a hatch (3), and then you can hold to open it and go down the ladder.

You’ll find yourself in a small, dark room — loot everything from the crates, then head down the hallway, grabbing anything you see off the floor as you do so. You’ll come to a doorway on your right that leads to a couple more rooms with some useful loot, including the maintenance key card — but that’s not what we’re here for! Straight ahead is a room with some vicious baby mutants on the floor, and on the far wall is a case with the fire axe in it. Make sure you do a good job looting this room and the other rooms, and then you can exit the bunker, shiny new axe in hand (or inventory).

The firefighter axe is very similar in stats to the modern axe, but with slower swings and higher damage. Because of its low speed, it’s important to be deliberate and careful with how you use it — don’t swing wildly! It’s often best to do heavy attacks with the fire axe, as it makes it easier to get head shots (on enemies with heads). To do a heavy attack, just hold icon mouse left click v2/ playstation r2 button instead of tapping it.

stat comparison where to get fire axe of the forest guide
It’s hard to say how accurate these bars are, but the fire axe certainly feels slower and stronger

We hope this guide on getting the firefighter axe was helpful! Question and suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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