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One of the new pieces of content that players got with v1.0 for Sons of the Forest is creative mode. Let’s explore how to unlock this endgame mode, and exactly what to expect in the new feature. We’ll say right off the bat, if you like building in Sons of the Forest, then this mode is for you.

This mode will unlock immediately after choosing your ending in the final moments of the game. We’ll avoid spoilers, but it unlocks regardless of the decision you make. The notification will come in-game and tell you that creative mode is now available.

sons of the forest creative mode notifiaction

After you’ve finished the game, simply head to the main menu and select “New Game”. The new mode will be one of the options for difficulty, and some text will give you a brief idea of the mode’s purpose, i.e, “No enemies in world, free construction” (see this article’s featured image).

Creative mode is for all those builders out there. The game will put players on the island (without any cutscenes or enemies) and allow them to build everything for free. This means that when you start a structure from your building guide book, you can fill it in without bringing the materials to it, or depleting your stock from your inventory.

You also won’t have to worry about survival in the mode, as your life and stamina will always be topped off, and you can’t receive damage. A nice addition for all those lone wolf players, Kelvin and Virginia are also immediately present in the mode in case you need some company.

sons of the forest creative mode treehouse building
Built within ten second of starting creative mode

One thing that will look weird in the new mode is your inventory. It’s much more sparse than when enemies were around; turns out that you require a lot of things to fight cannibals, mutants, and demons (who knew). Jokes aside, you will find everything you need to build your dream island base / cabin. Even the mysterious artifact is available for tinkering — although maybe not, if you didn’t find all the pieces.

sons of the forest creative mode inventory
Sorry, you don’t need a shotgun to build

What do you think of the new mode? It seems like building a death trap base isn’t really needed since there aren’t any enemies. Did you go for a luxury cabin, then? Tell us about it in the comments!

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