Where to Get the Modern Axe – Sons of the Forest

You may start the game with an axe, but the tactical axe that comes in your emergency kit is pretty dinky — and when it comes to whacking foes or chopping trees, size matters. Fortunately, there are a couple of better options you can find on the island. In this guide, we’ll help you locate the one of the most powerful melee weapons in Sons of the Forest: the modern axe.

This beefy log splitter is in the same general area as most of the game’s weapons and equipment: on the western side of the mountain, where the three GPS locators are. It’s in a camp full of other loot (plus a bunch of dead folks) — if you haven’t grabbed it yet, you can get very close to the camp by heading towards the GPS locator that leads to the flashlight. Look for the cave that sits on the river that runs to the ocean — the camp with the modern axe is somewhat in between that cave and the green point of interest that’s off towards another GPS marker.

sons of the forest modern axe location on map
The camp is fairly close to a purple GPS locator

The camp has a lot of tents, so once you’re in the area, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot — use the rivers and the paths to hone in on the location (or just use the GPS marker if you haven’t already picked it up). The tent in the middle has the corpse with the modern axe.

There’s a good amount of other loot scattered in and around the tents, as well as near the pool with the corpse in it, so take your time and slowly scavenge your way through the camp. Despite the dead man in it, the water in the pool is drinkable, so you might as well quench your thirst and fill your canteen while you’re here as well! Also note that the tent behind the corpse with the axe is a shelter — you can save your game and rest at it. Finally, if you haven’t snagged it yet, the flashlight is a few seconds away, so you should definitely go grab that as well while you’re here.

The modern axe is bigger, better, and just plain cooler than the tiny axe you got from the emergency supply kit at the start of the game. Additionally, it’s a very strong weapon when it comes to blocking. While kiting (backing away from the enemy) and not getting hit at all is still the best option, blocking becomes a more viable option with the modern axe. To block, simply hold icon mouse right click v2/ playstation l2 button.

The modern axe can also one-shot weaker enemies on Normal difficulty and lower. To do so, hold the attack button (icon mouse left click v2/ playstation r2 button ) to do a strong attack. Aim directly at the enemy’s head while standing close tot hem, and your swing should land in the middle of their head, killing them instantly or else knocking them down and doing significant damage.

aiming a strong attack where to get modern axe of the forest guide
He knows what’s coming and he’s not sure how he feels about it

We hope this guide on finding the modern axe was helpful! Questions, suggestions, and opinions on whether the modern axe or the fire axe looks better are welcome in the comments below.

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