How To Get the Ancient Armor – Sons of the Forest

When it comes to surviving as many days as possible in Sons of the Forest, some of the most important items to upgrade are armor pieces. While some armor is relatively easy to obtain, such as the Creepy Armor, such sets don’t stand up well to the game’s demon enemies. Taking just a few hits from a demon can often be more than enough wear and tear to leave you completely vulnerable. If you are looking to take these powerful foes on with more than just a raw health bar, the best armor set to look for is the Ancient Armor — it’s also required to complete the game’s story. Read on to find out how to get the Ancient Armor for yourself in Sons of the Forest.

Note: This armor used to be called the Golden Armor before Version 1.0.

The most essential thing to note when looking for any item in Sons of the Forest is its location. Simply pull open your handy GPS Tracker to navigate the map and search for either of the Golden Armor cave entrances next to the two big lakes (see image 1 below). This is one of the most difficult caves in the game, and should only be attempted in the endgame — or after opening the luxury bunker. Before you set off, be sure you have first obtained the Rebreather since you are going to need it.

Since You will likely be entering the cave from the eastern entrance, because that’s right next to where you open the luxury bunker, we will begin by showing you how to navigate the first part of the cave from that entrance. This entrance is just across the lake from the residence bunker on the eastern side of the island (see image 2 above). When the cave route joins up with the western cave entrance route, we’ll show how to get there from the other side, then finish the rest of the cave’s guide.

The cave is linear, but there are some dead ends and a lot of enemies. Make sure you’re prepared and have strong weapons like the Katana, or Firefighter’s Axe. Lets the distinctive features of the cave so you know that you’re heading in the right direction:

  • First you’ll find a lit-up cave drawing. Head past it to the right, then take a left (see image 1 below).
  • Then you’ll find yourself in a long cavern, and you’ll be able to see some metal glowing at the end. Hug the right wall leading to the metal, and this will take you on a ledge above some enemies |— avoiding a fight (see image 2 below). Go through the passage covered in golden metal.
  • This leads up to a pool of water, which is an underwater passage; use the Rebreather to swim through it.
  • When you surface from the water, there will be a mutant in front of you; run past it along the planks, then in the next section make an immediate left and go towards the light that is illuminating golden metal. Note that if you run into skull lanterns, you’ve gone too far and it’s a dead end. You’ll find a rope you can climb by said light (see image 3 below). At the top of the rope is a “Legsy” mutant, be careful.
  • There’s a straightforward passage with mutants here, then a cave crack blocked with wooden boards. Chop open the passageway and continue; your character will slide down a long slope.
  • You’ll land in some water that opens up to a big cavern. This is where the two cave routes conjoin. Keep to the left and either fight or run past another “Legsy” mutant. You’ll find a boarded up passage past a bunch of golden metal.

After you enter the cave from the west, all you need to do is keep moving forward. There is only one path to follow, so the route to the Ancient Armor is not overly complicated. You will need to have your Rebreather ready upon reaching the water, since the only way to proceed is by diving underneath. Thankfully, there are two conveniently placed oxygen tanks right by the water’s edge.

Swim down and continue on through the underwater tunnel until you are able to resurface on the other side. From there, you will need to walk straight ahead until you reach a little ledge. Jump down from this to slide into another area of the cave that has been flooded with water. Continue going forward until you come across a big open area in the cave. You should see dead cultists here and a good variety of loot (see image below). Take a moment to pick up any ammo you need before continuing on. This where the west lake and east lake routes converge. Again, be careful of the “Legsy” mutant in the area.

sons of the forest ancient armor cave dead cultists 1

Past the light with the dead cultists, you’ll start seeing a lot more golden metal structures in the cave. There’s only one way to continue — down some ropes and through an underwater passage (see image below) — and at the end you will find a spaceship that has lightning striking it.

sons of the forest golden armor tunnel

Just follow the dead astronaut bodies until you hear lightning crackling, then the spaceship is just around the corner (see image 1 below). To enter the spaceship, head around to the back and chop up the boards covering its rear (see image 2 below). In the ship’s cockpit at the front, you will find a corpse wearing the Ancient Armor, and it’s holding an artifact piece (see image 3 below).

Now that you have your Ancient Armor ready to go, you can begin making your way out of the cave. After exiting the spaceship, turn right, and you’ll find a slope ascending up towards the origin of the lightning (see image 1 below). You’ll find a rope next to a dead astronaut at the top (see image 2 below).

After you climb up three ropes, you’ll arrive at another underwater passage. Make sure you save at this point and put on the Ancient Armor. When you emerge from the underwater passage, there will be two demons to fight. You can fight them one at a time, or sprint past them and climb up the rope in the back. You’ll then continue to slide down another slope, then fall into water. This area has four demons in narrow passages. It is probably easiest to fight these demons one at a time if possible.

sons of the forest ancient armor cave fighting demons
A lot of demons at the end of the cave

The next part is dangerous, but you will want to keep an eye out for when you enter a watery cavern with an elevated stone area in the middle (see image below). There’s a ledge leading up to the top to the right, and on a metal plate is another piece of the artifact.

sons of the forest ancient armor cave second artifact piece

From here, the rest of the way is very linear. The next section does have a couple normal mutants and mutant babies, but those are pretty easy to dispatch or run past, then another underwater passage will lead you to the cave exit.

After you’ve equipped all of the set’s pieces, you should be ready to take on some of the more ferocious demons. You will even find yourself more than capable of handling larger groups of them. Now that you know how to get the Ancient Armor in Sons of the Forest, you can grab it for yourself, then have a look around at some more guides to help you on your path to survival!

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