GPS Tracker

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
1 (can’t leave inventory)
A GPS Tracker that the player can use to find points of interest and navigate around the island.

The GPS locator is available at the very start of the game by going to your inventory and opening your emergency pack. After you have acquired the GPS locator, it does not leave your inventory.

The GPS Tracker is basically the player’s map, and helps guide them to points of interest and caves. It can be equipped from the inventory, or it can easily be equipped by pressing button xbox dpad right / computer key m t while playing. The GPS does not work while underground in bunkers and caves.

When a player is by a GPS Locator (the purple exclamation points on the map), the GPS Tracker will ring increasingly louder the closer you get to the tracker; you can unequip it to stop the ringing. To zoom in or out on the GPS locator, press button xbox menu/ playstation options button/ buildmousemiddleclickicon sotf.

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