Artifact Powers – Sons of the Forest

You probably just finished the story of Sons of the Forest, and you’re holding this cool artifact wondering, “What does this thing do?” Don’t worry, it happened to us, too. The artifact doesn’t actually have a direct combat purpose. Instead, it helps players by allowing:

  • Gold plating constructs
  • Teleportation
  • Repelling or attracting enemies

There’s a caveat, though; in order to do most of these things, you’ll need the blueprints to the buildings and some Solafite ore. If you require help to find all the artifact pieces, please view our guide: All Artifact Locations – Sons of the Forest.

The easiest function to use with the artifact is its plating feature. Most built structures can be turned to gold, and this makes them more resistant to damage. Make sure that your artifact is loaded with Solafite — you can see the charge bar when hovering over the artifact in the inventory (see image 1 below). Also, set the artifact to the mode where parts of it are flipped out like the petals of a flower. To switch modes, just look down while holding the artifact and press the designated button (see image 2 below).

Next, approach a structure, and you should see a little laser beam coming out of the artifact if it can become gold-plated. Press either icon mouse left click v2 or button xbox righttrigger, and the artifact’s “petals” will dilate, then the object will turn to gold!

These next three powers require the player to grab the blueprints for building a specific structure. The teleportation pad blueprint can be found in a cave at a Jianyu Camp in the southwest of the island (see map image 1 below). As you approach the area, a blue question mark will pop up on your GPS Tracker. There aren’t any enemies in the cave, and you will find a blueprint next to a skeleton and a deposit of Solafite (see image 2 below).

After building the structure, you will need to activate it while holding the artifact in your hand. All you need to do is approach the pad, and look at it, then a button prompt allows you to activate (see image 1 below). You will know that it is on because there will be some lightening effect around the structure. For actually teleporting, make sure the artifact is in the mode where it looks like a perfect ball, then press icon mouse left click v2, or button xbox righttrigger. Your character will hold up the artifact, then flash to the pad (see image 2 below).

Again, these two powers require that you first find the blueprints, build the structures, then activate the structures. First, let’s show where to find them both. The attract structure blueprints can be found in a small cave on the beach along the southwest coast that isn’t marked on your GPS Tracker. Whereas, the repel structure blueprints can be found in a cave at a construction site in the southeast (see map image 1 below).

sons of the forest artifact powers repel attract structure location map v1

Neither of the caves have enemies in them, and both are very small. The attract blueprint will be by some skulls on a rock (see image 1 below), and the repel blueprint is on a barrel by some wooden crosses (see image 2 below).

Just like the teleportation pad above, players will have to activate these structures after building them. The only difference, though, is that the repel structure will need Solaphite to work. Looking at the structure, a button prompt will populate to allow you to place Solaphite on the tower of bones, or take the Solaphite off (see image below).

sons of the forest artifact powers repel structure solaphite

With both of these structures in your base to either lure enemies to it, or to make them scared of approaching, players will want to be careful to not get them confused. A simple way of remembering is that the tower is the repellent.

What do you think of the artifact’s powers? Is it worth the hassle? Leave us a note in the comments!

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