Where to Find the Rebreather – Sons of the Forest

Useful and interesting tools and equipment are scattered across the island in Sons of the Forest. One such piece of equipment is the rebreather. Found in a cave on the northern side of the island, the rebreather allows you to swim underwater for prolonged periods of time — a necessary activity for reaching certain spots and collecting important items. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly where and how to find the rebreather.

The rebreather is found in a cave on the beach; assuming you’re on the correct half of the island, it should be easy to spot on your map, as it’s the only cave so close to the water. Don’t forget, you can change the zoom level of your GPS by pressing button xbox menu/ Middle Mouse! The cave is on the shoreline against a small rock face — there are a couple of yellow cans in the water by the entrance that make it easier to spot.

There are some enemies in the cave, so you may want to drop a shelter and save at it before going inside the cave. It’s also a good idea to craft a bow and some arrows if you haven’t already (or you can rely on the pistol if you prefer). You’ll need to use your tactical axe to break the boards that cover the cave’s entrance, and then you can hold playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t to squeeze your way inside.

Once inside the cave, you’ll want to use either your lighter (button xbox dpad left/ computer key l t ) or a torch — personally, we found the lighter easier to see by, but your mileage may vary. In the first cavern, you’ll see a small lamp on the floor. Head over to it and pick up all the nearby items, making sure you don’t miss the air tank lying against a rock (1). You also won’t want to miss the laptop, interacting with it will put the location of the Entertainment Bunker on your GPS tracker (2).

Continue deeper into the cave, and you’ll soon come to another area lit by a lamp. Keep going forward, and you’ll reach a similarly lit area with some shallow water (1). Around the corner up ahead is yet another lit area that contains a handful of cannibals, plus a mutant (2). They can be hard to spot, so once you round the corner, wait a second and try to see where there’s movement. Players have reported being able to sneak past them, but it’s difficult given their somewhat random wandering — if you don’t want to fight, your best bet is actually to sprint past them.

There are two paths forward, one to the right and one to the left (1). The path on the right leads to the stun gun (which we cover grabbing in our guide on finding the Stun Gun), while the left-hand path will take you to the rebreather. While you can theoretically exit the cave from the room with the rebreather, it’s a waste of rebreather oxygen, so it ends up not mattering which path you take first. In this guide, we’ll focus on the left-hand path, however. Keep an eye on the floor as you proceed, and you should see some life jackets floating in shallow water (2) — follow the trail they create and continue into a narrow passage.

Hug the right wall as the passage widens, and you’ll soon come to another narrow cleft in the rock (1). Keep moving forwards (you may have to crouch at one point) and you’ll enter a large cavern lit by a couple of lamps (2). Hug the right wall, keeping an eye out for the rope you can pick up near the edge of the rocks on your left, then drop down and make your way along the narrow stone lip of the pool to where the lamp is (3). Stay out of the water — it’s got a shark in it.

Sitting just outside the light cast by the lamp is the rebreather you came for (1)! Press playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t to pick it up, then do the same with the all the loot you can find nearby. Next, make your way to the lamp on the other side of the room, turn around, and hug the left wall — you can find some wire and a few energy drinks just ahead (2). Then go back to the nearby light (the one close to where you entered the cavern) and jump up onto the rock platform where indicated (3).

If you want, you can also leave the cavern by equipping the rebreather and then jumping into the water — there’s a hole near the bottom of the pool on the same side as the cavern as the rebreather (opposite the way you entered), and its unlikely the shark will be able to get more than one bite on you. This way is a bit faster than retracing your steps, but will cost you some air for the rebreather, and isn’t really necessary.

Then it’s just a matter of retracing your steps and exiting the cave! The rebreather can be found on the far right of your Inventory screen, and once equipped will allow you to swim underwater for as long as your oxygen lasts. When hovering the rebreather in your inventory, you can see how much oxygen is left in the current tank by looking at the teal bar beneath the rebreather’s icon.

rebreather in inventory where to find the rebreather sons of the forest guide

We hope this guide made finding the Rebreather easy! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions by using the comments below.

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