Where to Find Jianyu Camps in V1.0 – Sons of the Forest

One of the features listed in v1.0’s patch notes for Sons of the forest was the addition of Jianyu camps. You might be wondering who Jianyu is, as he wasn’t present in the game at the start of early access. He is actually the game’s villain, and if you start a new play through, you’ll see him just before he pistol whips you. To increase his presence on the island, the devs found it appropriate to add some camps where he and his buddies would hang out.

These camps are completely different from the normal camps you’ll find randomly around the island. Instead of regular small camping tents, the Jianyu tents are large house-like tents where you can walk around inside. They also are more likely to have ammunition, like crossbow bolts, on site. Another defining feature is there might be a helicopter taking off from the camp as you approach, which then proceeds to buzz around before flying away.

sons of the forest jianyu camps tents
Nice town, I’ll take it

Aside from using your gazers to look for big tents, there are a couple other ways to find these camps:

  • GPS Locator – Sometimes, a blue question GPS locator will show up on your GPS Tracker. These typically mean there’s a Jianyu camp at the location. Also, there are other new GPS Locators and icons with v1.0.
  • Red Flare Smoke – Some of the Jianyu camps that have these GPS Locators, will also have a dying soldier that is signaling with red flare smoke.

We haven’t found any camps that have enemies in them. Consequently, we recommend looting any of these camps you can find for all their equipment and resources.

sons of the forest jianyu camps locator
Dead soldiers usually mark the spot in Sons

Maybe you’re one of those survivors that just wants to know where to find the camps, and doesn’t want to waste their precious building time wondering the woods and staring at the GPS Tracker. That’s okay; we validate your urge to build cabins among the mutants. Feel free to click on the drop-down to get the exact locations of the four Jianyu camps.

sons of the forest jianyu camps map v2

Note: The marker without the question mark is a small camp that doesn’t have a GPS Locator on site.

Do you feel like giving the villain some hangouts makes him more human? We’d like to hear what you think in a comment!

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