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In FPS games, it’s always the guns that get all the attention. They’re familiar, they often allow you to fire multiple shots before reloading, and they tend to make a satisfyingly loud sound when you use them. However, the humble crossbow has its place in any good arsenal, including Sons of the Forest’s. In this guide, we’ll show you how and where you can get your hands on one.

Before you can enter the bunker that has the crossbow, you’ll have to accomplish quite a few other tasks. To unlock a door in the bunker, you’ll need the maintenance keycard. Collecting the keycard requires the shovel, which in turn requires the rebreather and the rope gun. Collect the objects in the following order:

  1. Rope Gun/Rebreather
  2. Shovel
  3. Maintenance Keycard

Click one of the items above for a detailed walkthrough!

pre req map where to get crossbow sons of the forest guide

The crossbow itself is in a bunker; these are indicated by the green circles on your GPS tracker. After collecting the maintenance key card, it’s only a short jog to the next bunker, which is found near a small lake. As always, the bunker is marked by a golf cart (or two, in this case) — they face a narrow cleft in the rocks that you can squeeze into by approaching it and holding playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t when prompted.

Once inside, pull out your lighter (button xbox dpad left/ computer key l t ) or other light source, then make your way carefully down the stone ramp just ahead. It will zigzag a bit, and then turn into a tunnel, at the end of which you’ll find a ladder you can climb down with playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t. You’ll find yourself in a food storage room. Thoroughly loot everything here — including the crossbow bolts from the corpse — and then head into the next room, where upon entering you should find some food on the shelves on your right.

That done, you can go back into the first room and then approach the key card door. Once you’re close enough, just look at the security pad, and you’ll be able to hold playstation x button/ button xbox a v2 / computer key e t to use your key card and unlock the door.

Continue through the now-open door, and proceed through the first room full of plants and into the next one. Here, you’ll find some babies hiding behind the first bed of plants. You can theoretically ignore them, but it’s best to clear them in case you need to retreat from the enemy in the next room.

Babies dispatched, you can head down the aisles of plants in this room. In between the second and third row, you’ll see a corpse — walk over to it and take the crossbow from its cold, dead hands (they weren’t using it anyway). Grab the other loot around the corpse, and then decide if you want to loot the rest of the bunker or simply go back outside. You’re already here, so you might as well keep going!

Continue into the next room, where you’ll see a corpse sticking out from one of the plant shelves. Start sneaking if you don’t want to fight the mutant that is wandering around near the other plant shelves, and loot the crossbow bolts from the corpse. Make your way through the dark doorway, but not before grabbing the bolts from the corpse to the right of the door.

Once you’re past this enemy, you can explore the rest of the bunker safely, as there are no more enemies. You can find the VIP keycard in a security office, which you’ll need in order to exit the bunker from the other side. The same room also contains the shotgun rail, which allows you to put attachments on the shotgun. After using the VIP keycard to enter a large dining area — and looting all the snacks — you can leave the bunker by jumping through the broken glass wall. By swimming down and away from the dining hall, and you’ll find a passage that leads to a cave, and from there you can get back outside.

However, this passage is full of enemies, and doesn’t contain any loot, so unless you’ve got a hankering for mutant murder, you might as well retrace your steps and leave the bunker the way you came in.

exiting the bunker where to get crossbow sons of the forest guide
To the water & the exit

We hope this guide on finding the crossbow was helpful! Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

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