Rope Gun

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
A gun that shoots zipline ropes, which the player can ride to hard-to-reach places.

The rope gun is located in a cave on the western side of the island (1). It is a large cave that has lots of enemies, so make sure you’re well-prepared before exploring it, and make a save point outside the cave. The cave is fairly linear, but you will be blocked by some tough enemies. A good tactic is to run through this cave without fighting; the only area blocking you from doing this is a Sluggy (big slug-like enemy) that you need to blow up. At the end, you will find the rope gun by a floodlight at the precipice of a cliff (2); the exit isn’t far from there.

For a more in-depth guide on navigating the cave and acquiring the rope gun, go to Where to Get the Rope Gun.

The rope gun is a nifty tool that can make navigating vertical areas easy. Equip the tool and use it like a gun; the first shot will shoot one end of the zipline rope, and the second will shoot the other end. Approach the zipline after setting it, and you will see an icon saying you can ride it. Good anchor points for the zipline are trees or built structures. Don’t forget that you can recover the zipline rope after shooting it. Last thing to note is the rope has no effect when shot at enemies.

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