Where to Get the VIP Keycard – Sons of the Forest

After you have been playing Sons of the Forest for some time, you will start to find certain areas that require specific keycards for the player to enter. The VIP keycard is one of the tougher ones to find, but will grant you access to a cool boss fight. Before you continue, though, make sure that you have the maintenance keycard – the area you will need to access is closed off without it.

The location for the keycard is in the northwestern part of the map. It is marked with a green point of interest on your GPS, and it is the closest one to where you find the shotgun. The green point of interest will not populate on your GPS tracker unless you found the laptop in Maintenance Bunker A while you were getting the maintenance keycard. There are enemies in this area, especially more towards the northwest, so be careful.

sons of the forest vip keycard bunker on map
You often return to this area of the map

When you arrive at the location, you will find some golf carts outside a cave entrance (1); enter the cave and press button xbox dpad left/computer key l t to take out your light source to see. As always, you will want to make a tarp tent where it is safe before continuing. You can do this by placing a tarp on the ground (with button xbox righttrigger/ icon mouse left click v2) and using a tick to prop up a corner (also with button xbox righttrigger/icon mouse left click v2). The cave that you enter is a good spot to do this. Follow the tunnel, and you will find a hatch that leads to a food storage room (2).

After you drop into the hatch, grab all the food items you need before opening the door in the back right corner of the room with the maintenance keycard. When opening the doors, you’ll see a room with plants in it; there are three rooms like this, one after the other. The enemies in this area aren’t too difficult if you have good weapons like the firefighter’s axe or the modern axe. The second room will have mutant babies in it that you can kill, and it will also have the crossbow next to a corpse in the back right part of the room.

In the third plant room, you will find a tooth mutant. They are a tanky so be careful, and use your better weapons like your pistol or shotgun if necessary. There are no enemies from here on out until the boss, so enjoy yourself and make sure you loot everything you can. The next room is a storage room; open all the crates and grab everything, then go down the hallway.

You’ll find the bottom levels are flooded; the water is fine, you can swim through the rooms without being injured or having to dive. You will swim through some rooms that are much like the ones you just went through, then you will see a long corridor with locked double doors at the end. There is a door in this hallway that goes to a security room with the VIP keycard (1) – it will be on the desk below the monitors (2). You also don’t want to miss the laptop in this room, which will give you the location of the Residential Bunker on your GPS tracker (3).

Grab everything in this room, including the shotgun rail attachment on the shelves next to the room’s doorway, then swim out to the double doors at the end of the hall. This next part is dangerous, so make a tarp tent and save before opening the doors.

You will end up in an eating area with a bunch of mutants. Deal with these mutants first, before going to the table in the center of the room. After they’re all dead, and you approach the table at the center, you will receive a notification saying you’ve discovered what happened to the Puffton Family. This prompts the boss battle to start: two mutants in formal wear (the Pufftons) will attack you.

The smart play is to just run away, but if you do decide to put them out of their misery, be careful. They’re strong and fast, but the shotgun will stagger them. This isn’t the time to hold back, use the pistol, grenades, and time bombs to kill these worthy adversaries.

sons of the forest food bunker boss fight

Look around, and you will find Virginia’s dress on a table on the right side of the room. There are two ways to leave this area; you can go back the way you came and not see any enemies, or you can jump out of the broken window in the eating area and swim to the exit – where there will be more enemies.

sons of the forest broken window vip keycard leaving
There are more enemies if you decide to go with the underwater exit

If you choose the latter option, you will want to have air in your rebreather. The passage underwater is along the far wall to the right. After swimming through, you will emerge in a cave with mutants.

A good tactic is to try to bait the enemies into the water, where they will die instantly. You can also hang around the water and try to land intermittent attacks to play it safe. Additionally, you can chance trying to run past them. After killing those enemies, continue through the cave until you drop to another part that will have enemies. You can take them out or run to the exit which is just ahead.

Along with the double doors you will open right after acquiring the VIP keycard, there are two other doors the keycard can open. One isn’t far from the cave where you get the keycard, and is also the location of the guest keycard and chainsaw (1). The other location is the easternmost point of interest on the map, and is also where you can find the revolver.

Ultimately, you will need to visit one of these locations to progress the story of the game, but we won’t spoil which one.

We hope that this guide helped you obtain the VIP keycard without too much difficulty. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything, or if you found another area to use the keycard!

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