The dress is in the Food Bunker (1); you will need the maintenance keycard to go deeper into the bunker, where the dress can be found. It’s not a very dangerous bunker, and you can run past most of the enemies early on. It is linear, so you won’t get lost. You will go through some hydroponics labs, then into a flooded section. From there, you will need to find the security room with the VIP keycard to open the double doors at the end of the hallway.

Since patch 01, there is now a boss fight in the cafeteria. It is a tough fight; running might be the best option here. You can grab the dress on a couch off to the right (2), then run back the way you came, or jump out the window into the water to escape.

For a more in-depth guide to the Food Bunker, go to Where to Get the VIP Keycard.

After she becomes your companion, you can approach Virginia and press button xbox a v2/computer key e t/playstation x button to give her items. The first menu should be the menu with all the different outfits to give her, but if you want to give her a pistol, shotgun, or GPS locator, then press the button shown in the bottom left of the screen. Choose wisely what items you would like her to hold, because they won’t be available in your own inventory. Although, her outfits are never shown in your inventory anyway. It is not yet known if outfits provide any benefits or disadvantages for companions.

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