Maintenance Keycard

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
1 (can’t leave inventory)
A keycard that was used by a maintenance worker. It gives the player access to different bunkers on the island.

This important keycard can be found at maintenance bunker A (1), which is also the location of the firefighter’s axe. You will need a shovel to access the bunker; and it won’t show up on your GPS tracker unless you get its location from the laptop when getting the shovel. When you arrive at the point of interest, you will see some tripods next to a patch of dirt. This is where you want to dig to reveal the hatch. After entering the hatch, you will find the keycard on a desk next to the 3D printer (2).

The maintenance keycard can be used on three doors at different bunkers:

  1. The Food Bunker; here you can find the VIP keycard.
  2. The Entertainment Bunker; this is where you obtain the guest keycard.
sons of the forest bunkers that the maintenance keycard open for wiki
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