Guest Keycard

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
1 (can’t leave inventory)
A keycard that was used by guests on the island. It allows the player to open a door in the poolroom.

The guest keycard can be found in the same bunker as the first 3D printer, the Entertainment Bunker (1). You will need the maintenance keycard to open the doors to the bunker, but after getting inside it’s a pretty linear area. You will pass through the gym and spa, then up the big staircase to the pool area; from there, go into the nightclub and the guest keycard will be on a table surrounded by corpses in the back right of the room (2).

For a more in-depth guide, go to Where to Get the Guest Keycard.

The guest keycard can (so far) only open three doors; two of which are in the same bunker as where you find the card itself. The first is the surveillance room in the nightclub, where you find the guest keycard. If you turn left after exiting the nightclub, you’ll see a locked door in the corner of the poolroom. This door can be opened with the guest keycard. Inside you’ll find the chainsaw, and a quicker exit. Additionally, the Residential Bunker on the eastern side of the map can be opened with the guest keycard.

sons of the forest using the guest keycard
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