Game: Sons of the Forest

Tool / Weapon
Max Carried: 1
Attack Speed: Moderate
Attack Damage: Low-Moderate
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A tool that can fell trees with ease, but can also act as a gory weapon. Players will have to recharge its batteries after they run out.

The chainsaw can be found in the bunker that’s on the western side of the island; the same one where there’s a 3D printer at the very start (1). Make sure that you have the maintenance keycard, so you can open the doors to the bunker door. Work your way through the inside until you come to the poolroom upstairs. From there, go inside the nightclub and grab the guest keycard on the table in the back right, then head back to the poolroom.

In the corner of the poolroom, you will see a locked door that only the guest keycard can open. After opening the door, and running past or defeating the mutants in the hallway, go into the lounge and head to the back left. In this theater room, you’ll find the chainsaw impaled through an unlucky corpse (2).

For a more in-depth guide on this bunker, go to Where to Get the Guest Keycard.

The chainsaw works as both a tool and a weapon. It works okay as a mid-game weapon, being able to cut off enemy limbs quite easily. However, it doesn’t allow the player to block at all, which is a point against it.

Update: patch 02, the chainsaw now has a longer charge.

Where the chainsaw really shines though is in the lumberjack department. It makes short work of trees and is definitely the fastest tool for the job. Its downside though is that it requires batteries to recharge it after constant use. The firefighter’s axe is nearly as effective as the chainsaw in taking down trees, and it doesn’t require any batteries. To see how much charge is left, look at the chainsaw in your inventory; there will be a light blue bar under its icon that indicates how much charge is remaining. You can recharge it by combining the chainsaw with batteries in your inventory.

sons of the forest chainsaw in inventory
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