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Despite there not being a single cat anywhere on the island, one of the most common food items in Sons of the Forest is cat food cans. However, you can’t actually open them — unless you have a can opener. In this guide, we’ll help you find the can opener, and show you how to use it. (What we can’t do is explain how or why everyone on the island was consuming so much cat food.)

Depending on where you spawn, the can opener may or may not be quite near to the crash site. It’s found on the western slope of the mountain, on a small frozen pond. Luckily, the pond is in front of a cave that’s visible on your GPS tracker, making the site fairly easy to find.

You can follow the river up the mountain (you may have to go sideways at times, like near waterfalls), and it’ll lead you all the way to the frozen pond. At the pond, you’ll see a few tents. The one on the right has the can opener sitting to the left of its entrance (1) — you’ll find it semi-buried in the snow (2). Check out the piles of debris and the other tent, as there’s loot in and around all of them. You’ll find more loot, including more cat food, in the cave. You’ll need to use your axe to break open the wooden crates (3) in order to grab what’s inside.

Unlike other tools, you don’t actually equip the can opener to use it. Instead, you’ll need to use the crafting mat to combine it with the canned food you found at the camp site. Open your inventory with computer key i t /button xbox dpad down, and then find the canned food just to the left of the crafting mat. Hover your cursor over a can and press icon mouse right click v2 /playstation r2 button . Next, do the same with the can opener, which is near the bottom left corner of the crafting mat.

Finally, hover the gear icon on the mat and press icon mouse right click v2 /playstation r2 button again — after a brief animation, you’ll have yourself an incredibly appetizing lump of cat food! It fills your food meter quite well, perhaps suggesting that its very high in protein (or your character is part cat).

We hope you enjoyed your cat food! Questions, suggestions, and theories on why there’s so much cat food everywhere are all welcome in the comments below.

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