Where to Get the Slingshot – Sons of the Forest

The slingshot is an easy-to-use ranged that players can obtain early in the game. It does lack power, but is well-suited for hunting small game like rabbits, squirrels, and birds.

The slingshot is available for picking up at the very start of the game, and it is right in between two of the starting spawn locations. If your helicopter crashes in the forest or on the mountain, you can quickly grab it nearby, before heading to the first cave, the rebreather cave. If you ended up on the beach at the start of the game, we recommend doing the rebreather cave first, then grabbing the slingshot on the way to the rope gun cave.

sons of the forest spawn locations for slingshot

The slingshot can be found right outside the cave where players find the shovel (1). In an attempt to ward off intruders, cannibals put the corpses of soldiers on stakes at the entrance to the cavern. If you inspect the bodies of these poor souls, you’ll see that the middle soldier has something on its waist – the slingshot (2)!

As we mentioned, the slingshot is not very strong and shouldn’t be used to defend against cannibals or mutants; if you need a good early game range weapon, go with the crafted bow. The slingshot is a good choice though for killing small game like squirrels, fish, turtles, rabbits, and birds. Other than turtles, all these animals can be taken out with one shot.

sons of the forest slingshot in inventory
You can’t miss it; it’s the weakest weapon in the case

You will primarily use small rocks for ammunition: these are found in many places, but are most prevalent along beaches. Not only that, but you can also use golf balls, yet there is no benefit to using them as they don’t do more damage, and they don’t travel any further. Additionally, golf balls are comparatively a lot rarer than small rocks.

sons of the forest shooting a rabbit with slingshot
Small animals are a great source of meat

When you want to use the slingshot, equip it from your inventory. Your character will need both hands to shoot it, so you won’t be able to hold the lighter or GPS tracker while you have it out. Hold button xbox righttrigger / icon mouse left click v2to pull back the sling, then release it to…release the sling. The aiming is a tad weird; you have to aim lower than you would think as the small rock arcs upward a lot. The range is also laughably short, the rock or golf ball will only travel a meager distance.

No rodent is safe now that you’re wielding this useful tool. Have you found any better uses for the slingshot? Do you use it more than your crafted bow? We’d like to know in the comments!

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