Game: Sons of the Forest

Tool / Weapon
Max Carried: 1 (Only need to make one)
Attack Speed: Moderate
Attack Damage: Very Low (more damage if on fire)
Blocking Effectiveness: None
A crudely fashioned torch made with a stick and piece of cloth. Can light dark places, or be swung at enemies to catch them on fire.

In the current version of the game, there are no torches to be found. Players must craft this tool/ weapon themselves in order to obtain it.

After getting the resources to craft it, the actual crafting can be done in the player’s inventory. Hover over each item and press icon mouse right click v2/ button xbox righttrigger to place them on the center mat, then select the gear in the top right of the crafting mat to combine them all.

sons of the forest torch in inventory

A good light source, and a niche weapon in the early game, the torch is a cheaply crafted tool that players should craft at the start of their play through. After equipping it, press computer key l t / button xbox dpad leftto take out your lighter, then hold the same button to light your torch. If you’re having difficulties with early weak enemies, you can set them on fire with the torch, which makes them fling around in pain. This gives you some time to take out your axe and deal some damage.

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