Creepy Armor

Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
Armor that offers very good protection. Drops from mutants.

Unlike the other armors, you cannot craft creepy armor. Instead, you can sometimes harvest it from dead mutants. After killing a mutant, walk over to the corpse and look at it — if you see a prompt to press computer key e t /playstation x button/button xbox a v2, you can hold the indicated button to use your utility knife and cut a piece of creepy armor off of the corpse.

harvesting creepy armor wiki entry sons of the forest

Open your inventory with computer key i t /button xbox dpad down, then go to the lower right of the inventory screen — this is where your armor pieces are located. Put your cursor over a piece of creepy armor and tapicon mouse left click v2/ playstation l2 button to equip it. Each time you do so, you’ll add one piece of armor. You can equip up to10 armor pieces at once, and they can be any type. You can see the armor pieces you have equipped in the bottom right of the UI, on the outer ring next to your health. In the image below, 2 creepy armor pieces — indicated by the pink segments of the armor bar — are equipped.

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