Game: Sons of the Forest

Max Carried:
Warmth: Very Low
Comfort: Very High
Water Resistance: Very Low
Sleepwear that has the highest comfort stat, allowing the player to become more rested with each sleep.

As with some other clothing outfits, there are two spots to find the pajamas. The location that the player will likely run into first is in the bunker with the guest keycard (1). You will need the maintenance keycard to enter this bunker, but the pajamas will be found in the earlier part by a sensory deprivation chamber off to the right (2). The other set is in the endgame bunker, or the bunker that is farthest to the east (3). The player will find them in a closet.

For a more in-depth guide of the first bunker, go to Where to Get the Guest Keycard.

Since this outfit has the highest comfort stat, the player can use this to become fully rested with one sleep. Before resting at a shelter, slip into the pajamas, and you will wake up with a full rested bar.

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