Game: Sons of the Forest

Tool / Crafting Material
Max Carried: 1
A silencer attachment that can be fixed to the barrel of your pistol, making its shots quieter to nearby enemies.

The silencer is actually at two locations; one is in Maintenance Bunker B, which is where you can also find the compound bow. The other is at the little helicopter crash site on the western side of the island (1), near all the rivers. The bunker is in the southwestern part of the island and will require the shovel to access it, so it is easier to grab the silencer from the helicopter crash (2).

This attachment is nice because it allows you to use your pistol in caves without alerting every enemy. Go to your inventory and press “combine” on the silencer and pistol to move them to the center crafting mat. Then select the gear in the top-right of the mat, this will combine the pieces together.

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