Anna Koselke

Anna Koselke

Anna is an avid fairy enthusiast who lives and breathes The Sims. She spends most of her time eating pasta, reading fantasy books, tending to in-game farms, world-building, and daydreaming about befriending every animal. Playing Games Since: 2002. Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Simulation, Sandbox, JRPG, RPG, Visual Novel, Wholesome.
outer terror review

Outer Terror Review – A Fresh Breath of Retro Air

Games that essentially create entirely new genres are not too common nowadays. There are of course exceptions, such as the FromSoftware-inspired Soulslikes, or how Metroid and Castlevania’s influence spawned Metroidvanias. Such an occurrence is far less heard of amongst smaller,…

Map Markers Meanings Sons of the Forest

Map Markers – Sons of the Forest

One of the most useful features a survival game can offer its players is a strong navigating system. With the right tools and a decent map, living through more days and finding your way around a game’s world becomes much…