Sons of the Forest Patch 03 – Electronic Unicycle (E.U.C), Night Vision Goggles, Spring Traps, and More

Sons of the Forest (SOTF) is not slowing down in its early access phase. Two weeks ago, the developers at Endnight Games released a very large Patch 02. Then yesterday they gave us another (although smaller) slew of new features in Patch 03. It’s something we’ve noted in the past, but we continue to be pleasantly surprised with the pace of patch releases and new content.

SOTF was released with much anticipation in its early access a little over a month ago, and to some, the game felt rather empty. However, if they are able to keep providing their fan base with nuggets of gold (literally in cases like the golden armor cave), the game should fill out in no time.

Players can now look forward to cruising around the island on an electronic unicycle (called the E.U.C Knight V). This will make traversing the large swaths of forest that much quicker — something speed runners will no doubt find helpful. Also, the island just got a little less spooky with the addition of night vision goggles. This might add a new element to the stealth systems of the game, since a light source, which revealed you to enemies, was always needed to find your way in dark cave systems.

sons of the forest euc at feet
Like the chainsaw, the E.U.C Knight V runs on batteries

Most of the other features added are in the construction part of the game. The notes say that they’ve added solar panels and light bulbs to the building system, allowing wires to be used outside crafting time bombs. Ramps and stairs can also now be built between a beam and wall (it used to only be between two beams), and they’ve added a buildable spring trap to launch enemies! Lastly, for construction, they’ve replaced the mannequin with an armor rack.

Sons of the Forest Patch 03 Notes


  • Rideable E.U.C. ‘Knight V’
  • Nightvision goggles
  • Solar panels, light bulbs and wires added to construction system
  • Ramps/Stairs can now be built between a beam and a wall
  • Buildable spring trap
  • Working armor rack (replaces mannequin)
  • Added button / option to delete saves (also limited amount of save slots to 30 to fix issues with steam cloud sync)

Sourced from the official patch notes on Steam

What is your opinion about the release schedule of these patches? Are they too slow or too fast? Let us know in the comments!

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